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An ongoing mod to add in several variants of the M1 Garand to the game.

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This mod's aim is to bring several variants of the M1 Garand into the game in one single ESP. As of now the ESP contains 3 weapons, which are detailed below. New stuff will be added periodically and added to the ESP, so check back here and there! My aim is to have each variant have its own Fallout lore inspired background and characteristics.  

  Every gun can be crafted at the Weaponsmith Workbench under Ballistic Weapons. This mod requires Armor Keywords and Crafting Workbench!                                    

The one that started it all. Both the POWERFUL and BALANCED version are included in the ESP. Spoiler tag contains more info. Weathered "original" textures are still WIP.


Commissioned by President John Henry Eden as a secret research project during the events of Fallout 3, the Peacemaker was made as a light patrol weapon aimed to bring order to the wasteland in the name of the Enclave. It contained trace amounts of Radium specially forged right into the steel, and so was able to have a damage advantage over other weapons. (dont worry, Eden made sure it wasnt too powerful)