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Crafting Mastery
An updated and standalone mod to drdanzel's awesome 'Crafting Workbenches' mod (remember to kudos his too!)

Craft anything you could ever want and more.

Want a Water Zapper for all your settlers? Want both you and piper dressed as kellog? Want to create an army of Mechanist lookalikes?

Do this and more with Crafting Mastery!

Includes (all DLC are optionals for people without certain DLC):
-All Armor craftable across base and all DLC 
-All Weapons craftable from base game and DLC
-All Power Armor craftable from base game and DLC
-All Ammo from base game and DLC weapons
-Clutter Items Craftable from base game and DLC items

And when I say All i mean all... yes even replicas of those unique items you once thought was single item only is possible. Now you and Deacon can stop fighting over that Deliverer pistol and have one each! or make a copy of that awesome Tesla Armor and duo team your enemies in style!

-Makes each Workbench unique so they have a purpose so no 2 different looking benches doing the same thing
-Reorders the benches in the settlement crafting menu so they're not all over the place
-Removed the need for Local Leader 2 on every workbench! (most don't need a perk, only none crafting ones)

This mod comes with 3 modes of crafting items (recipes are all the same just obtaining them in the workbench):
Easy - Makes all items craftable from the offset but you'll need relevant perks to get the job done just like normal game.
Hard - You must have the item already by finding it as usual and then able to 'copy' it using materials but no perks needed.
Legendary -  Both perks and the item in your inventory are needed for the ultimate crafting experience. No freebies or simple perk choices here!

Also comes with 2 ways to craft Ammo:
Easy - Craft ammo like everything else with simple resources found in the wastes
Hard - Craft ammo with Shell casings, primers, and gunpowder. Remember, gunpowder is only obtainable from scrapped ammo so recycle people! 

Different combos are also available for single .eps versions including:
Immersive - Has Easy items and Hard ammo crafting with only basic items craftable for total immersiveness (has no replicas for max compatibility)

Also includes a method to cool all drinkables to their cooled versions and some new ones added for previously uncoolable drinks (like whisky!)
Simply put them in a craftable cooler box and wait 4 hours for its magic to work.

This requires 
valdacil's 'Armor Keywords' Workbenches to make things craftable in the game!

Comes with Patches for 'Armorsmith Extended' mod by Gambit77 

Also make sure to note: if this version is uninstalled you'll lose all the replicas and only keep the default ones 
since uninstalling this means the replicas no longer exist (separate IDRef#).


New Xbox 1 version available thanks to oblivioneero for porting it over:

Special thanks to 'Crafting Workbenches' by drdanzel for most of the base game items and for which this mod is based and some parts originally used from:

Without this mod this one simply wouldn't exist as it started as just a way of updating his but with it now lacking updates I felt it was right to be standalone. Don't forget to kudos drdanzel for his brilliant work that started me on this and allowing me to update it in the first place. drdanzel.. if you do return... YOU ROCK my friend! :-) remember to kudos and endorse his mod too!

Also thanks to joelflake for his awesome 'Recipe Container' script to allow items in containers to be switched for something else after a delay so now the freezers actually work properly!