Fallout 4
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ImBrokeRU's beautiful SCAR-H complete with mods, custom sounds, and most importantly, custom animations.

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  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • German



(2/21/18) ATTENTION! I had no idea people still downloaded this mod as much as they do, I personally think it's too basic for any kind of extended use right now. As many of you know, I am currently rebuilding the mod from scratch, adding features, redoing animations, etc. I would personally recommend you wait for that to come out if you want a SCAR-H in your game, but I will leave this version up until that time comes, for those that still want to use it. Just be aware that it has issues that I'd rather fix by completely remaking the mod rather than patching this one. Thank you for all the support guys.


After much due diligence, I present to you, the SCAR-H. When you find it in the world, it will be in it's base configuration, chambered in .308, at 660 rpm. There are both black and tan finishes for the receiver and magazine. Included, are two almost completely custom-made set of animations for both the barrel grip, and the angled foregrip. This weapon is meant for any point in a playthrough, with receiver mods that make the weapon progressively more powerful as you gain experience and perks.


  • Custom run (regular and power armor) animations
  • Custom melee animations (made by Hitman)
  • Custom Equip, Fast equip, and reload animations
  • Custom Grenade throw and mine throw animations
  • Custom firing animations, Semi Auto as well in v1.03

You will find this weapon in the Concord Museum, you know, where Preston and his friends are holed up at the beginning of the game. Watch the video if you really can't find it.

console id: xx000800 (where xx is the position in your load order). Or, open the console and type: help SCAR 4

This list of mods is not final, if I find things I want to add, a stock, flash hider, whatever, I'll update this mod and add it to this list. Also, please add any suggestions for mods to the comment section, and I'll attempt to respond accordingly. Cheers guys!


  • Eotech Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Ironsights

Receivers (Now with Semi-Auto options under the Select Fire category)

  • Automatic
  • Armor Piercing
  • Piercing Hardened
  • Powerful

Ammo Conversion

  • .308 Conversion (Changes ammo to .308, essentially becomes a SCAR-H)
  • 5.56 Conversion (Changes ammo to 5.56, essentially becomes a SCAR-L)


  • Black Receiver/Magazine
  • Tan Receiver/Magazine
  • Tons of Camos


  • Standard
  • Quick Eject (Reload speed increase)

Grips (Changes animation set)

  • Standard Barrel grip
  • Angled Foregrip


  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider

Thanks to Oh Deer for the cool showcase, and some really nice screenshots!

The animations in this mod are modders resource, if you know how to add anims to a gun, you may use them in your mod. They use the submachine gun as a base, so make sure your weapon does too. Credit is nice, but not required.

  • No shot fires when clicking extremely quickly.
  • Solution: Download v1.02. This is now fixed.


spacegorilla1 for completely rebuilding the esp and adding LL integration and technical fixes, you're awesome man!
ImBrokeRU for your beautiful model, and the render image used for this mod page.

310NCr4sh and Bull for the textures
Tigg for the tac rail and Susat sight model 
Rafael De Jongh for the silencer and flashlight assets

New World Interactive for letting me use the sounds from Insurgency (which you should try out, it's badass)
MirzaMiftahulFadilla h for the Angled Foregrip
Aday for guiding me through the majority of the CK work and rigging all of the scopes, thanks for being patient with me!
MultiBears for the reload sounds. They're awesome man!
Hit, Doom, for testing and feedback.
Me, for pouring my soul into this damn gun.
Hitman47101 Again, for doing the melee anims when I was burned out.


I have permission to use all of the assets contained in this mod. If there are any problems, PLEASE CONTACT ME. PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THE ASSETS IN THIS MOD (except the animations) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. IT IS STEALING, NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS!


IMBROKERU: "You are free to use the animation, model, and textures (and these only) for any non-commercial purposes. Any redistributed content must credit the respective makers. However, you can release your edits as you please, with this readme.txt removed."

New World Interactive:  I have received permission from a member of New World Interactive to use their sounds in this mod. All sounds are the creative property of New World Interactive and I in no way claim them to be my own.