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my mod adds an awckr patches for weapons and armors and its craftable via weaponsmith workbench under ballistic weapons mfd
and armorsmith workbench under armor mfd it requires gunnut perk and armorer perk and some basic crafting materials.

I did not yet make patches for armors. but i'm going to do so soon
also as for making patches i only do it mainly for myself, i do not take requests unless its an armor or a weapon that i use/like
another thing i do not make patches for bundled armors or weapons, cause its time consuming!

Also if you download a weapon or an armor it'll says "This mod is required to.." which means click on the link and download the original mod and then mine.

Gambit77 and Valdacil for their AWCKR mod
Deadpool2099 for his weapons' mods
ShoeBurglar for his weapon mod
covadonga for his weapon mod
GaigeStorm for his weapon mod
ajhakra for his weapon mod
robersnob1 for his weapon mod