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Fix for tap fire issue, manifested in a discrepancy between shots fired and cartridges spent.

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I was annoyed by ammo waste during tap fire with SCAR. Basically if you were using a fully automatic version of SCAR-H and you were tap firing it, you could notice that like 50% of shots being made will spend 2 cartridges, while you could clearly hear only one shot. Or you could hear 2 shots, but 3 cartridges were gone. There wasn't really any consistency to it. Considering that this gun has only 20 rounds mag, this may be a huge problem for you, especially if you're playing on a survival, where every bullet counts. This little patch should fix the issue, until mod author will fix it on his own. Hopefully.

You may still occasionally encounter double shots. This is due to the crap guns mechanics of the game, that wasn't meant for any sort of realism.

If you don't like the idea of having another plugin in your load order and you are familiar with FO4Edit, open this and make the same changes to the original mod plugin.