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The previous M1918 BAR has been completely redone, check it out

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  • Russian


 Well found friends, I didn´t was satisfy with the quality of the older M1918 BAR mod so, lately decided to redo it in a better way, with better textures and more originals modifications, let´s see what features this mod. Please, enclose the old one and throw the key to the sea or something. Out of joke, delete the old one.

2.- Features:
     -5 different barrels (slinged, carry handle, vikki & vance, default, sawed off)
     -2 stocks ( default, sawed off)
     -2 sights (default, improved)
     -4 Mags (default, def quick, large, large quick)
     -2 bipods ( folded & unfolded)
         -16 receivers (ammo conversion available to 5.56 and 5mm)
     -Default ammo .308
     -New set of High quality textures
     -Added (finally) custom automatic sounds
     -Integration into leveled lists

3.- Where can I find it/how to get it?
     Lets see, it will spawn in vendors, raiders, triggermen, gunners...
     the id of the weapon is 1918 and there are two placed over the commonwealth
     one is in the outside cabinet of the vault 111, the other one, in The castle                tunnels, be carefull with the dammned frag mines.
4.- Credits and thanks

     H00V3RD8M - Testing and advicing
     I want to say thanks to the original testers and friends
     LastFirefly - Testing