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This mod makes a number of Vanilla, Mechanist, and Far Harbour greebles craftable.

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greeble is an object used to make a set look more interesting. Greebles may include objects such as pipes, wiring, or machinery
What does the mod do?

This mod currently adds static decorative items, which already exist in game, into the crafting menu, for your use in settlement decoration. All of these items are static--they cannot be interacted with. Some items are drawn from the vanilla game; most items are drawn from the Mechanist DLC. The theme of this mod is industrial objects fitting for a sekrit lair, underground lab, or sketchy Institute hideout. As this mod has expanded, so too has the range of decorations covered, and notable items now include the Mechanist brain extractor, various giant robot claws, the Institute Hydroponics Table, over fifty different pipes and wires, 70+ fans, gratings, and large yellow machines, and boats. See the images for a list of what is added. 

Version 1.5 SKE, the Boat Release, is now out! I think this just about sums it up...

This mod doesn't appear to be buggy--I've gotten absolutely no bug reports for it, and it appears to be 100% stable. Uninstalling WILL NOT cause save problems, as we're not adding any new objects--and, in fact, any objects you have placed will persist in the world even after you uninstall the mod (since all this mod technically adds is the ability to construct). That said, as with any mod, back up your savegame before you use it-weirdness can always happen. 

Known Issues: 

-There is currently one known minor bug. Certain statics, including the RRScanner, Institute Synth Frame, and the OpenPowerArmor, lack the green "placement" outline. These items also cannot be removed or scrapped--you must select them, and then use the -markfordelete and -disable commands to get rid of them. This is due to the items being display statics, rather than regular statics. If anybody wants to explain why display statics are so *weird,* I'll patch this bug...otherwise, I'm not super concerned about it, and I'll try to squash it in the big bug-fixing pass I have planned for the Nuka World release. 

-There are jumps in the number of greebles--i.e. we go from MM11 to MM14. This is intentional! Some greebles were weird, boring things, so I didn't include them--but I also didn't want to change the numbering scheme. 

-The naming scheme is a bit odd-I'm keeping the technical, behind-the-scenes Creation Kit names until I'm certain I've added all of the greebles people want. I'll start making the names pretty after Nuka World releases, and all of those greebles have gotten added. 

-Snapping for some objects is a...bit weird, and can lead to them sinking into the floor and so on. For this reason, I highly recommend the Place Anywhere mod, available on the Nexus, which makes snapping issues moot (and it's super useful for resizing giant robot arms so you can actually use them...seriously, I cannot recommend that mod enough). 

Technical CK notes:

See the not-updated-enough changelog for the precise COBJs added by this mod. I'm working on making better changelogs, I promise...

In general, as of 1.5, this mod does a grand total of two things behind the scenes:
-It adds display names to a ton of statics.
-It adds COBJ records for all of these named statics. The number of the COBJ currently corresponds directly to the name of the static; I'll make some pretty names later, once I'm 100% sure I've gotten all of the greebles.