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Adds creatures from the old-school Fallouts, FO4, FONV, FO76, FO3 concept art, and FEV Subjects from Vault 87.

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FO3 Creature Mod

Adds creatures from the old-school Fallouts, FO4, FONV, FO76, FO3 concept art, and FEV Subjects from Vault 87.
This is a basic version of what I hope to make into a larger mod with around double the amount of creatures that look good and are lore or context friendly. Possibly will add a legendary system like FO4.

  • The creatures are added by script so the plugin shouldn't conflict with anything. 
  • They can be toggled on or off in the provided config file. 
  • Compatible with Mart's Monster Mod. (see below)

This is the first iteration and may not be well balanced in difficulty or in the frequency the creatures turn up. Maybe it is. As mentioned above, all creatures can be toggled on/off in the config file if you want.


  • Bloodbug
  • Mole Miners
  • Frenzied Bloatfly
  • Bursting Floater
  • Cazador Nymph
  • Cazador Crippled (3 variants)
  • Centaur Salamander
  • Centaur Mob 
  • Decaying Centaur 
  • HoneyBeast
  • HoneyBee (2 variants)
  • HoneyQueen
  • Wanamingo
  • Floater
  • FEV Subjects
  • SwarmBots
  • ProtectOBots
  • FlamerBots
  • Brahmin Mutant
  • Arachtrons
  • SkyNet RoboBrain
  • Prototype Securitrons

On Marts Monster Mod
I included the Fev Subjects, Wanamingos, and Floaters modders resources that MMM also uses. I liked these and because a lot of people don't use MMM because of crashes, compatibility issues, ect, I included them in this mod for ex-MMM players to use once again. 

If you use MMM and want to use this mod, let MMM overwrite the textures and meshes in this mod, and use the MMM config file in the download section or manually make these changes in the config file that comes with the mod.

If you don't use that config , using this mod and MMM will increase the frequency you come across those 3 creatures. If you want to see more of them, use the default config.

My Other Mods:
Location Based Graphic Settings:
Changing fade values in the in-game graphics menu will apply only to a chosen area and reverts back to your usual settings when you leave the area. Useful when in modded areas(eg.Rivet Cit) that have bad performance with your usual graphics settings. Espless engine level mod. You can add any area in the game.

Immersive Wasteland Pools: Allow you to increase the rad damage caused by the toxic pools. Has optional visuals that occur while being irradiated in the pool. The level of rad damage is configurable.

NV to Fo3 conversions:
Rock GrassSmall rocks fade-in in random areas in the same way grass does. Like Skyrim or FO4. Adds more texture to the usually bare ground.

LodifyAdds over 50 new lods to FO3

Asset Creators:

FEV Subjects
zenl: Wanamingos and Floaters
Prodlimen: The Meshes and textures for the rest of the creatures
Sweet6Shooter: Made the New Vegas esp, creature variations, and and script that I used as a basis for this mod.
CarlZee: Made Prodlimen's models compatible with vats and gave limb destruction capability.
mojavesuave: MoleMiner records and weopons
Quetzlsacatanango: Mole Miner Models

Extra MoleMiner Credits to:
dogtown1 for meshes and textures
GendunDrup for meshes and textures
Yukichigai for original MoleMiner weapon assets
Martigen for meshes and textures
Kilroy2009 and Richwizard for additional meshes and textures
ashtonlp101 and FalloutRaven for additional meshes and textures.
roboholic1 for additional textures.
Nuke4Duke for additional textures.
draloa for additional textures.
Tau34RUS for additional textures.