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A thorough revision of Elden Ring's balance and mechanics. Covers enemies, boss fights, hitboxes, animations, equipment, the camera, and more. Includes unique camera parameters for boss fights, improved enemy hitboxes, and new gameplay mechanics that fix many of the issues plaguing the game.

Permissions and credits
Elden Ring Reforged is an overhaul of Elden Ring's balance and mechanics with the intent to create a more balanced experience with fair, but still challenging, combat. It is not about "easier" or "harder," but more interesting and balanced combat.

The mod is currently in version 0.4 and is being updated.

As this is a mod, it is not compatible with online play and will result in a ban if used online.


  • New gameplay mechanics like Deflects.

  • Rebalanced player equipment and features such as the 10 new Affinities.

  • Rebalanced status effects and the implementation of the Madness and Blight status against normal enemies.

  • Custom camera parameters for bosses. You can now hopefully see what most bosses are actually doing.

  • Modified enemy AI, including previously unused attacks and new mechanics.

  • Redone enemy hitboxes, so that what you see is what hits you.

  • Difficulty options accessible at any time at all Sites of Grace.

  • Boss resurrection available at the Roundtable Hold.


A mostly-complete list of changes is updated in this document. It may list changes that are not in the currently released version of the mod. Spoilers inside.



Feedback and suggestions are necessary to create a balanced experience. (I can't playtest every single item myself, and I'm not going to start balancing items I've never even used.) For the purposes of feedback and discussion, a small discord server has been created.



It is recommended to use Mod Engine 2 to install this mod. Mod Engine 2 can be found here. Mod Engine 2 is incomplete, but it should still function and allow for easy mod loading. Using an alternate save file is recommended if you want to go online again after using the mod.


To install with Mod Engine 2:

1. Download the latest version of Mod Engine 2 and extract the zip file to a folder.

2. Download the latest version of ERR and put the "ERR" folder in the same directory as the extracted Mod Engine 2 files.

3. Either rename the "ERR" folder to "mod" to use the mod with the default Mod Engine 2 configuration files, or modify the       "config_eldenring.toml" file to point to the "ERR" folder.

4. Make sure Steam is open.

5. Run "launchmod_eldenring.bat" to start the mod.

Helpful installation video made by p0.


Planned Features:

  • Dynamic camera movement in boss fights. This means camera parameters that change depending on the actions of the boss. (One of the only existing implementations of this in game is in the "Ring" attack of the final boss.)

  • Boss rematches and boss rush. Some of this requires editing the map and map scripts, so it will be a while before it is possible.


  • TKGP for Yabber and UXM.
  • Meowmaritus for DS Anim Studio.
  • Philiquaz for DS Param Studio.
  • Katalash for Mod Engine 2 and DS Lua Decompiler.
  • Vawser for the Affinity making tool in Yapped Rune Bear.
  • Linktothekraken for knowledge on HUD edits. See Compact HUD Tweaks
  • thefifthmatt for ESDLang and the offline Varre quest. See Convenience Mod Installer