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This mod contains the file you need to run Elden Ring Reforged with Marais Dancing Blade

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Mod Might Not Function Without an Update (no planned future releases)

This is a proof of concept that worked when released showing it was possible to merge mod files, but its a lot of work and some mods are easier to merge than others. Elden Ring Reforged is the hardest one I've seen and I proved here that its possible to do it with even that mod. There may be a way to automate this process, but thats beyond my means.

This mod contains the regulation.bin needed to run these two mods together. Getting ERR to work at all was a pain. Getting Marais Dancing Blade to be compatible with the correct format was a pain. Spent a whole day and banged my head a ton to get it to work, but its here and its done.

Steps for installation:

1. Download and unzip ModEngine 2 somewhere you can find it like your desktop
2. Install Elden Ring Reforged into the mod folder
3. Grab both the main download and merge files for Marais Dancing Blade
4. Download and Unzip Yabber
5. Drag c0000.anibnd.dcx (from: ModEngine-2.0.0-preview4-win64\mod\chr) onto the Yabber.exe file in your file browser (really weird how it sounds, but just do it)
6. Drag the contents of dancing_blade_TAEs (in the dancing blade merge files) into ModEngine-2.0.0-preview4-win64\mod\chr\c0000-anibnd-dcx\GR\data\INTERROOT_win64\chr\c0000\tae
7. Drag the c0000-anibnd-dcx folder back onto Yabber
8. Drag c0000_a9x.anibnd.dcx from the Dancing Blade Main folder (found under the chr folder) into ModEngine-2.0.0-preview4-win64\mod\chr
9. Drag THIS mod's file into the mod folder and replace the file there
10. Launch Elden Ring through the mod launcher