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This mod is now a standalone version. Replaces 2H weapons and dual weapons blocking, deflect animations with sekiro movements. Cause poise damage on perfect deflect. Tapping the block button automatically gives deflect frames so no need to hold the block button which is more sekiro-like.

Permissions and credits
This mod is now a standalone version. (Supposed to ) only influences 2H swords. Methods for merging with other mods are provided in the file.

For gameplay, this mod makes a deflect (8-frame) to cause 1.2x poise damage to your enemy. A perfect deflect (3-frame) causes 2x poise damage + 0.5x weapon damage to your enemy.

More importantly this mod replaces the deflect animations with sekiro deflects.
  • When a normal blocking happens,  the blocking animation is taken from the sekiro blocking animations, and depends on the impact level of the incoming attack. Light attack -> Sekiro level 2 blocking animation. Medium attack -> Sekiro level 3 blocking animation. Heavy attack -> Sekiro level 4 blocking animation (which is a knockback).
  • When a deflect happens (i.e. a 3-frame or a 8-frame deflect), the blocking animation is taken from the sekiro deflect animations. Light and Medium attack each corresponds to 2 sekiro deflect animations: a left-to-right one and a right-to-left one. Every time you deflect, the mod randomly picks an animation from them. Heavy attack only corresponds to 1 sekiro deflect animation (sticking the sword into ground)

That's all. The mod modifies spEffect, bullet and atkParamPc in regulation.bin. All changes should be named with "deflect..." or "new - ...". It also modifies a010. If you dont want the deflect damage, simply delete the last two bullet behaviors in a010_019300-a010_019420 which are the deflect animations. Part of the files are taken from ERR, so if it's not proper just tell me and I'll delete them.

I did this mod forself, dont guarantee updates / supports.

  • Install Mod Manager 2.
  • Copy and overwrite the mod folder to the  Mod Manager  /mod folder.

Updated the definition logic. A successful deflect instantly gives you the chance to cancel the current deflection animation and perform another deflection by tapping the block button again. Holding the block button wont cancel the deflect animation.

 - Fixed an issue that when deflecting certain enemies the animations are slower.
 - Now the directions of deflect animations are consistent with enemy's attack direction.

 - Imported all 18 block / deflect animations from sekiro.Block / deflect each contains 9 animations. Picks the right animation according to the direction (left, right, front)  and the impact level (1,2,3) of the incoming attack.
 - Influences all both hand weapons.

- Now is standalone.
- Added new animations for dual weapons.
- Deflect times are 0.2s->0.1s->0.067s. Cooldown is 0.5s.

- Fixed crouch dual weapon attack.
- When perfect deflect, always lock the minimun stamina to 1 to avoid poise break as well as giving a change to dodge (analogous to sekiro)



  • 普通防御,轻中重动画分别对应于只狼的2、3、4级攻击对应的防御动画。只狼每个级别的防御动画有很多,这里只取了每种各一个。
  • 弹反、完美弹反:分别对应于只狼的2、3、4级攻击对应的弹反动画。轻、中的动画每个都包括从左至右、从右至左两个弹反动画,每次弹反触发时mod随机选一个。重攻击的动画只有一种(刀插地上向后击退)。

修改了 spEffect, bullet, atkParamPC。regulation.bin里的变化应该都加了名字"deflect..."或者"new - ..."。改了a010 tae 动画。

  • 安装Mod Manager 2。
  • 覆盖mod文件夹到Mod Manager的mod文件夹。


 - 修正了弹反特定敌人动画会变慢的问题
 - 现在弹反时刀挥的方向与敌人攻击的方向一致。

 - 导入了只狼中的所有18种弹反/防御动作。弹反、防御各9个,分别对应于不同的攻击方向(左中右)以及冲击力(1,2,3)。mod现在会根据敌人进攻的方向选择正确的动画。
 - 影响所有双持的武器。

- 现在是单独的版本。
- 为双武器增加了弹反动画。
- 弹反时间为0.2s->0.1s->0.067s。cd为0.5s。

- 修复了双武器的下蹲攻击。
- 模仿只狼的设定,弹反时锁定最低耐力值为1,避免崩架势的同时可以额外翻滚或跳跃一次