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This mod adds 15 custom Talismans, emulating classic RPG classes with each having their own gimmick. Intended to be played with Elden Ring Reforged and Seamless Co-op.

Permissions and credits
This Mod adds 15 completely custom “Classes” to the game, each accessible by equipping its respective Ring into one of Elden Rings Talisman slots.
A player may only equip one of these Rings at a time.
The Classes aim to emulate the feel of classes in classic RPG's like Dungeons and Dragons, encouraging specialization of players into certain roles in order to take on challenges as a diverse team.
Because of this, the mod is obviously intended to be played in multiplayer, preferably with the Seamless Co-op mod.

The Rings can be picked up in several locations, handpicked to fit each class.
A Bundle of Notes can be bought in Kalé’s shop which details most of these locations.
Due to technical limitations the items could only be placed in existing item locations, so if any given location has already been looted, that Ring is unobtainable for that playthrough.
In that case, please refer to the “Craftable Rings” Addon in the Files tab or just create a new character.

The Classes currently available are:
Spellblade, Druid, Tank, Swashbuckler, Priest, Paladin, Pyromancer, Ranger, Cryomancer, Mage, Assassin, Vampire, Barbarian, Dragon Knight
and one more secret class for you to uncover...

This Mod is an addon for ERR - Elden Ring Reforged by Kirnifr and intended to be used with Seamless Co-op by LukeYui.
It is heavily inspired and based off of Class Talismans by Sirlolleth, make sure to check out their mod as well.
Feel free to ckeck out OneLostGamer's Arrow Expansion mod, wich is fully compatible with RoT.
The Mod is currently balanced around Multiplayer PvE, and we don't intend to balance it around PvP, though feel free to try as it is very fun regardless.

Project lead and main development by Maxilos33
Artwork, lore, balance suggestions and general help by Chelarino
Playtesters: GoaM, theevoo, Asmodeus and E
Special thanks to Kirnifr, El Fonz0, Scrub and philiquaz for helping a new modder out, ThePiekar for his convinient CSV Macro, bruhballs for making magic happen (literally (he made spells)), HaVeNII7 for his amazing VFX resource and pepesonicomola for the Spanish translation.
Tools used: ModEngine2 and MapStudio by Katalash; MapStudio by philiquaz; Yapped Rune Bear by Vawser and The-Grim-Sleeper; Gideon by Ivi; UXM; OneLostGamer for working his FXR wizardry and Yabber by TKGP

We have a Discord, feel free to check it out, leave feedback, report bugs, and get notified first about upcoming features: https://discord.gg/V4CvHSy4rc
Also check out the official Documentation for detailed explanations on locations, stats and more. As everything is intended to be found out immersively though, it contains several spoilers. You have been warned: RoT - Documentation



Patching takes some time, ill try to keep up with Kirnifrs insane pace.

1. Install Elden Mod Loader

2. Install Mod Engine 2

3. Install Seamless Co-op
3.1 Launch the game through the launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe at least once, so it can create new savefiles
3.2 move elden_ring_seamless_coop.dll and seamlesscoopsettings.ini into Elden Loaders mods folder

4. Install ERR- Elden Ring Reforged into your Mod Engine 2 directories mod folder

5. Run ERR's Gideon to mount Icons

6. Download the current Rings of Talent version

7. Drop the current version of Rings of Talent into your Mod Engine 2 mod directory

8. Run RoT's Gideon to mount Icons


1. Clear your Mod Engine 2 mod directory (The folder in which you install ERR, not the whole Mod Engine folder)

2. Install the current supported ERR version

3. Install the current Rings of Talent version



Spellblade (Ring of the Artificer)

Manifest your sheer knowledge over the course of battle, and unleash it in devastating blows.

- attack enemies repeatedly to infuse your weapons with magic and flame
- unleash the stockpiled energy with devastating weapon skills

Druid (Ring of the Brewmaster)

Become an uncontrollable force that will plow through anyone and anything that stands between you and emptying that next bottle.

- drink Cerulean Tears to empower your kicks and punches, flinging and flattening enemies
- drink 
Crimson Tears to boost your defenses and heal over time

Tank (Ring of the Challenger)

Become a pillar of your party by constantly keeping the aggression of your foes on you and bravely take every strike.

- protect your team and keep foes at bay with various powerful bonuses to your Deflects(ERR feature)
- storm into battle with a Shield equipped to
overrun the enemy

Swashbuckler (Ring of the Daredevil)

Keep close to the enemy with filigree flourishes and let the adrenaline fuel your finesse, but beware: Once you go too deep there may be no easy way out.

- Deflect enemy attacks (ERR feature) repeatedly without getting hit to gain as many stacks as you dare
- stacks hyperbolically increase both outgoing and incoming damage:
high risk - high reward

Priest / Cleric (Ring of the Devoted)

Evoke the Gods’ aid to cheat death and empower your party in a vicious last stand.

- when getting close to death, explode in retaliation, healing and buffing the entire team
- gain a discount on incantations so you can spam those
heal spells

Paladin (Ring of the Faithful)

Go on a merciless crusade without rest, smiting every heathen in your path and become empowered for every heretical soul you fell.

- gain an infinitely stacking lightning damage buff for every enemy you kill without dying or resting
- every 15 seconds, unleash a
thunderous smite for even more damage

Pyromancer / Monk (Ring of the Kindling)

Keep the fire alight through rapid combos of spells and attacks. But don’t let your inner flame consume you.

- consume HP in exchange for enhanced fire spells that also buff your weapons
- hit the enemy with that buff to regain your HP and more

Ranger / Archer (Ring of the Marksman)

Let your inhuman accuracy make you a precise and deadly hunter from a distance, but very frail in close quarters.

- custom reticule and reworked projectile physics
- special arrows that return after a set time and mark enemies, lowering their defense

Cryomancer (Ring of the Rimeguard)

Become a stalwart of frost, your ice-cold presence freezing both your enemies and yourself. However, unlike them, you thrive in the cold.

- fling ice spells like crazy to eventually Frostbite yourself
- once
Frostbitten, storm into close quarters to put all your foes on ice

Mage (Ring of the Scholar)

Bombard the battlefield from afar with deadly sorceries, but mind your wounds, they hinder your concentration.

- cast incredibly potent spells while at high health, but lose that efficiency the lower your health gets

Assassin (Ring of the Shade)

Assault your targets from the shadows and escape unseen, chaining backstabs to remain invisible.

- deal increased critical damage
- on exclusively backstabs, get 
"Unseen Form" cast on you for free

Vampire (Ring of the Thirsting)

Transform yourself into an accursed being with unholy powers, but don't let your unquenchable thirst be your undoing.

- drain the blood of your enemies to keep yourself alive
- when triggering
Bloodloss, grow even more powerful

Barbarian (Ring of the Unheeding)

Storm into battle with reckless abandon and worry about the consequences later, your primal rage keeping you alive.

- HP rally mechanic: recover lost health by attacking (similar to Malenia's Great Rune)
- fully charged attacks with big weapons instantly execute enemies below 15% HP

Dragon Knight (Ring of the Waning)

Obtain the power of the dragons to unleash their mighty fury onto the battlefield. But beware, for you are no longer complete without it.

- cast Dragon Communion incantations and gain unique buffs for each and every one
breaths buff your weapon, Dragonmaw heals you, Dragonclaw increases damage, and Greyoll's Roar raises poise

And one more secret class for you to uncover...

Hint: The final class is part of a scavenger hunt which you may stumble across during the early game.
But there is a certain item available to you before you even start playing, that may prove very useful on that hunt.

To get more detailed information about how exactly each class works and where it can be found (if the riddle on the note in kales shop is too hard to figure out), please visit our official documentation.
But be warned that it includes several spoilers.