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Change your appearance to any armor while keeping the stats and bonuses from the armor you actually have equipped. Compatible with game version 1.10.1, The Convergence Mod, ELDEN RING Reforged, and most other mods.

Permissions and credits
Transmogrification (AKA transmog) allows you to modify the cosmetic appearance of your armor while keeping the original stats intact. You can make armor pieces resemble any other piece in the game, or make them invisible to benefit from their effects without covering up your character.

The mod is tested on Elden Ring patch 1.10.1 downloaded via Steam. It's fully compatible with Seamless Co-op., It's included by default in ELDEN RING Reforged and
The Convergence mod, and also works with ELDEN Ring Reborn and most other mods.


  • Download ModEngine2 and extract it somewhere.
  • Extract ertransmogrify.dll and ertransmogrify.ini put them in the ModEngine-2.x folder. They should be in the same folder that has config_eldenring.toml in it.
  • Open config_eldenring.toml, and add the mod to the DLL list:
    external_dlls = [

    If there are already DLLs in the list, make sure they're separated by commas. For example:
        external_dlls = [
  • Double-click launchmod_eldenring.bat to start the game.

Important: Before switching back to the vanilla game, untransmogrify any armor you changed with this mod. You could also back up and restore your save file before and after playing the mod. Playing online with transmogrified armor won't work, and might get you banned if you try anyways.

If you used a previous non-DLL version of the mod, untransmogrify your armor before upgrading. Transmogrified armor from the old version of the mod will otherwise be lost when upgrading.


Transmogrifying Armor

  • Choose the Transmogrify armor option while resting at a Site of Grace.
  • Select the armor slot you want to change (Transmogrify head, Transmogrify chest, Transmogrify arms, or Transmogrify legs)
  • Select an armor piece for that slot.

Any armor in the game can be chosen for transmogrification, even if you don't have it in your inventory. This includes unobtainable armor (e.g. Deathbed Smalls) and armor added by other mods you have installed (e.g. Dreadnought Armor from The Convergence or the Chelonian Mitre from ELDEN RING: Reforged). You can also pick Invisible to make that slot appear empty.

If you prefer, you can lock armor that you haven't acquired yet from transmogrification by editing the supplied .ini file.

If you don't pick anything for a slot, it'll default to your current equipped armor.

Undoing Transmogrification

  • Choose the Transmogrify armor option while resting at a Site of Grace.
  • Select Dispel transmogrification

Your appearance will change back to the armor you're actually wearing.

Configuration options

You can customize a few aspects of the mod by editing the supplied .ini file and relaunching the game. See the file for more details.

Language Support

This mod supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Please let me know if you'd like to contribute a translation or report existing translation errors.


  • Mod by Tom Clark
  • Event scripting and VFX help from Lord Exelot
  • Polish translation by Lumitko
  • Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations by 兵器君 (shintheweapon)
  • Japanese translation by Furisuke
  • German translation by ivi
  • Italian translation by antro97