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A thorough revision of ELDEN RING's balance and mechanics. Covers enemies, boss fights, hitboxes, animations, equipment, the camera, and more. Includes many new gameplay mechanics to add to the ELDEN RING experience.

Permissions and credits
ELDEN RING Reforged is an overhaul of ELDEN RING's balance and mechanics with the intent to create a more balanced experience with fair, but still challenging, combat. It is not about "easier" or "harder," but more interesting and balanced combat.

Important information
Read the attached README file

The README file contains all the information you should need to install the mod. It also comes with instructions for Seamless Coop and Randomizer. The README is also available in the Articles section on this page.

DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT if you attempted to "merge" Reforged with other mods
We cannot support merging multiple mods as Souls modding is very incompatible with running multiple mods at the same time, and introduces issue we cannot address.

ERR is now compatible with Patch 1.12! NO DLC CONTENT SUPPORT YET!

In the future, ELDEN RING Reforged will require Shadow of the Erdtree

ELDEN RING Reforged will require the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to be played. This is to allow us the use of DLC assets and files to make additional content. Reforged can currently be played with the latest version, but full DLC support will take a while.


Almost every aspect of the game was modified as part of a comprehensive overhaul, with tens of thousands of changes across the board.

  • New content: New bosses, weapons, spells, affinities, skills, altered movesets and more

  • New balance: Every single weapon, attribute, enemy, region, scaling value, damage value and negation value retouched across the board. Leave your expectations of ELDEN RING balance at the door, as every number is recontextualized.

  • Added engagement: Mechanics to engage with the game's content instead of skipping it. Reasons to explore, reasons to do side content, reasons to fight enemies, reasons to learn boss & enemy movesets. Reforged draws every ounce of worth from the original game.

  • Deflecting: Time your block for improved protection and bounce-back, giving skillful players an upper hand.

  • Fortune System: A new optional class system that gives new themed abilities to the player, available from various sources in the world.

  • Perfect Attacks: Time your attacks well for increased speed and reduced stamina cost. 

  • Ducking: Instead of the Backstep, duck under various swipe attacks on the spot, then counter-attack with a powerful move.

  • Left-Hand Block: Block (and deflect) with left-handed weapons, even while powerstancing. (Powerstance L1 becomes R1)

  • Codex of the All-Knowing: Complete enemy bestiary containing knowledge on all enemies and enemy variants in the game.

  • Runeforging: A new permanent character progression system achieved by collecting Rune Pieces, a new collectable that greatly enhances and rewards exploration of the game's world.

  • Body Hues: An armor dye system with 72 colors to further customize your character appearance, unlocked through overworld archery challenges.

  • Magic Overhaul: Generate FP with Generator Spells and weapon attacks. Cancel spells anytime during wind-up. Spells are generally faster, and Mind further increases casting speed.

  • Weapon Catalysts: Attack and cast spells at the same time with special catalyst-weapon combos. Allows for casting while two-handing and powerstancing (with Left-Hand Block enabled).

  • Improved UI Graphics: Additional visual clarity by adding icons and graphics to various stats and dialogue options in the game.

  • Spirit Fury System: Spirit Ashes are now ignored by enemies by default, so any build can use them without breaking boss mechanics. Re-use a summoned Spirit Ash to enrage it for increased damage and target priority. Incentivizes raising the Mind attribute.

  • Difficulty Options: Tweak your experience at any time at all Sites of Grace. (Loses your runes in the progress)

  • Unique Game Modes: Adventure Mode (no fast travel, added gateways to Roundtable Hold) and Eternal Return (a Majora's Mask tribute) are available at the beginning of the game, among others.

  • Boss Resurrection: Revive any boss in the game for a rematch, at the Site of Grace in the Roundtable Hold.

  • Rebalanced equipment scaling, damage types and stagger values.

  • Rebalanced status effects and the implementation of the Madness and Blight status against normal enemies.

  • Improved camera parameters for bosses, including some dynamic camera changes depending on what the boss is doing.

  • Modified enemy AI, including previously unused attacks and new mechanics.

  • Redone enemy hitboxes, so that what you see is what hits you.

  • Community-contributed translations in the following languages: German, Korean, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Thai. Untranslated texts remain fully readable in English.


A community-driven wiki for info on changes made in ERR:



Feedback and suggestions are necessary to create a balanced experience. For the purposes of feedback and discussion, a small discord server has been created.


How to install

The most up-to-date information on how to install Reforged will always be found in the README file in the mod archive.

Please see the following articles for installation instructions:

Development team

  • Kirnifr: Project director, lead developer.
  • ivi: Programmer, technical artist, writer, co-developer.
  • poeconcept: Principal concept artist.
  • hanalove: Principal asset artist.
  • Cavou: Map editor.


You can support the lead developer on Ko-Fi if you want:



A lot of people have contributed to Reforged over the years.
You can find the full credits list in the separate CREDITS.txt file.

Reforged bundles the following additional mods with creator permission: