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For game version A merged mod pack for Elden Ring combining item, animation, combat, QoL, and other mods, as well as changes made by me, including buffs to NG+ difficulty. Adds a new class of weapon above "legendary armament" known as the "divine armaments", designed to be as lore friendly as possible.

Permissions and credits
This mod combines a host of mods found here on the Nexus as well as my own changes and tweaks, which provide QoL changes, Buffs to enemies in NG+, major and minor item changes, and much more!

The mod has now been updated for game version!


- Make sure to play in offline mode with EAC disabled using Anti-Cheat Toggler and Offline Launcher

- Install Mod Engine 2

- Unzip the files from my mod pack into the Mod Engine 2 mod folder

- Launch the game using Mod Engine 2

- I recommend making a backup of your save file before using mods


General Gameplay: 

-Enemies in NG+ have had their health scaling doubled in all regions. Rune gain from defeated enemies in NG+ has also been doubled.
-Enemies have 50% higher base HP.
-Runes lost on death can be picked up from almost anywhere.
-Spirit Ashes can be summoned almost anywhere, and an unlimited # of times.
-Torrent can be summoned in almost all locations. (If you don't want it, delete the map folder)
-Torrent no longer can die (except from falls).
-Medium and Light roll have been changed to a Bloodborne/Sekiro variant. (If you don't want it, delete the c0000_a00_hi.anibnd.dcx file in chr folder)
-Can perform deflect/parry by blocking right before a hit connects. Uses the timed-block functionality from Swordsmanship.
-Includes Detailed Item Descriptions, a mod that adds more detailed info for what items in the game do to item descriptions.
-Most armor have higher stats and resistances.
-Great Runes have been overhauled and are now far more powerful & unique.
-Smithing stones/Gloveworts available for purchase from the Twin Maiden Husks from the start. No bell bearings needed.
-Enia sells all boss armor without needing to kill the bosses (once you have unlocked the "equipment of champions" shop).
-Heavy fog removed from the Consecrated Snow Field.
-All maps + map markers auto unlocked.*
-Invasions no longer required for Varre's questline.*
-Ancestral Spirit bosses can be summoned without completing the puzzles.*
*Can be disabled using Convenience Mod Installer (do this BEFORE loading a save otherwise cannot un-discover the maps)

-(Alternate version) Sekiro Deflects on Timed Block instead of the timed-block from swordsmanship.
-(Optional version) Torrent animations are 40% faster
-(Optional version) Enemies are more aggressive. They will see you more easily and aggro from very far away. 
-(Optional version) Morgott's Great Rune gives you god mode when activated.
-(Optional version) Grand Merchant functionality - almost everything in the game available for free from the item crafting menu or from kale. Use the item crafting menu for equipment (armor, weapons, talismans), most other things including spells can be bought from Kale. 

Divine Armaments:

Added a new class of weapon above the Legendary Armaments, the Divine Armaments. There are currently 4 such weapons, each replacing an existing weapon in the game with new descriptions and weapon arts. Be warned, these weapons are very OP.

Maliketh's Black Blade: Uses the moveset and weapon art found in the Awakened Maliketh's Black Blade mod, with adjustments to scaling and mechanics. Must be locked on to a target to correctly use the weapon arts. Also, you will need around 32 mind in order to have enough FP to correctly use the weapon art, which alternates between 2 different movesets depending on current FP.

Note: The weapon art for this mod utilizes the Quickstep Ash of War as a base, as a result, quickstep will show up as Destined Death when put on a weapon and will provide this weapon art (although it won't work completely correctly unless on the Black Blade). Therefore, I have removed Quickstep from being able to drop on weapons by default. Also, this mod will change the running heavy attack and backstep attack for all Colossal Greatswords to a more powerful version.

Known Bugs: When using the weapon art again while the animation is still playing, it will freeze your character in place for a few seconds. The easiest workaround is to dodge in-between using the weapon art. Also, when on light load the weapon art seems to not work at all for some reason.

Elden Blade: Uses the moveset and weapon art found in the Radiant Golden Order Greatsword mod, with adjustments to damage and scaling, and improved mechanics. Must be wielded with both hands to get the new moveset.

Note: the moveset overwrites the starscourge greatsword special moveset. As a result, I tweaked the ssg so that it wouldn't be weird when powerstancing it. 

Bolt of Gransax: Uses the weapon art from the The Dragonlord Awakened mod, with some changes to damage and scaling.

Dark Moon Greatsword: Uses the moveset and weapon art from the Lord's Dark Moon Greatsword mod, with increased range, damage, scaling, improved mechanics and a new description.

The Frenzied Flame: The Frenzied Flame Seal has been buffed significantly as I felt it was too weak considering how hard it is to obtain. Its name has been changed to "The Frenzied Flame".


-Added movesets from Moveset Animation Remix's for daggers, twinblades, rapiers, straight swords, katanas, axes, greatswords, colossal weapons, hammers, spears, halberds, heavy rapiers, curved greatswords, staves, fists, and scythes. 

-Added functionality from Attack Recovery Overhaul mod.

-Added the functionality from the True Carian Sword Knight mod for the Carian Knight Sword and Lazuli Glintstone Sword. This adds powerful spellblade attacks to their heavy attack moveset. This has also been added for the Sword of Night and Flame.

-Added the functionality from Sanguine Rivers of Blood mod, which gives Rivers of Blood a special moveset when wielded with both hands and changes the weapon art to a very powerful version of Malenia's waterfowl dance. The weapon has been made one of the legendary armaments, and its description has been modified.

-Added the weapon art from the Sword of Night and Flame - Unbound mod, which replaces the "white shadow lure" weapon art. It's an extremely powerful weapon art that summons a fell god orb in one hand and moon orb in the other, which fire multiple homing projectiles and then explode.

-Added Better Scaling for Bows, more buffs for bow playstyle in the works.

-Buffed the range on Moonveil's weapon art, Transient Moonlight, significantly.

-All unique weapons can now be buffed by items/incantations.

-Unique weapons can have their ash of war changed (besides the divine armaments).

-Any ash of war can be put on any weapon (might not work properly in some cases though).

Magic + Incantations:

-Most spells and incantations have had their FP costs reduced, and casting requirements removed (or reduced in the case of legendary spells and incantations).
-Most character and weapon buff incantations and spells have had their durations increased
-All buffs now stack and visual effects will also stack. 
-All spells and incantations should now only consume 1 memory slot.
-Seals and Staves can all cast both spells and incantations.
-Spells now use incantation casting animations. 
-All legendary tier spells and incantations have had their damage buffed.
-Many legendary tier spells and incantations and some other spells now destroy the environment. 

Comet Azur:
-Range increased, now pierces the map, damage buffed.

Stars of Ruin:
-Uses the functionality from the Magic Overhaul mod: Uncharged animation uses the charged animation, and the charged version of the spell now casts Founding Rain of Stars on the location of the target. Damage has also been buffed.

Greyoll's Roar: 
-Range substantially increased and damage buffed.

Ranni's Dark Moon:
-Range increased, homing increased, damage increased, aoe increased.

Flame of the Fell God:
-Range increased, speed increased, aoe increased, damage increased, homing increased.

Giantsflame Take Thee:
-Damage buffed, added object destruction.

Adula's Moonblade:
-Range increased, added object destruction.

Eternal Darkness:
-Duration increased.

Bestial Vitality:
-Duration increased, HP regen increased.

Blessing of the Erdtree:
-Duration increased, HP regen increased. Now uses the animation used by Melina's unique healing spell.


-Some talismans have been upgraded to legendary and had their effects buffed.

Erdtree's Favor+2:
-Name changed to "Erdtree's Apotheosis"
-All its effects have been buffed, and description modified.

Pearldrake Talisman+2:
-Rarity changed to legendary
-Non-physical damage reduction buffed.

Spelldrake Talisman+2:
-Rarity changed to legendary
-Magic damage reduction buffed.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman:
-Physical damage reduction buffed.

Bull-Goat's Talisman:

-Name changed to "Bull-God's Talisman".
-Rarity changed to legendary
-Poise increase changed from a 33% increase to a 500% increase (so you can use armor more for the looks and not get staggered by a light breeze). 
-Description modified.

Blessed Dew Talisman:

-Name changed to "Vitality of the Erdtree"
-Rarity changed to legendary
-HP regen buffed to 2% max hp/sec from 2 hp/sec
-Description modified

Moon of Nokstella:
-Added 5% FP regen/sec in addition to the +2 memory slots.

Longtail Cat Talisman:
-Actually negates fall damage completely now.

Concealing Veil:
-Makes you completely undetectable while crouching.


-This mod will not be compatible with other mods that change the Regulation.bin, c000.anibnd.dcx, item.msgbnd.dcx, or other files included in this mod.

List of modified csv:
-AtkParam_NPC (sekiro version)
-NpcThinkParam (optional)
-ShopLineupParam_Recipe (optional)


-RashFever26 for The Dragonlord Awakened

-Xylozi for Grand Merchant

-Darkangel115 for Moveset Animation Remix's
-Corvus (JOKERMOONBOW) for Awakened Maliketh's Black Blade and True Carian Sword Knight
-KNSora for Radiant Golden Order Greatsword and Sanguine Rivers of Blood
-GAMMANguyener for Sword of Night and Flame - Unbound
-Tellah9 for Magic Overhaul
-nmsl2018 for Replace light roll animation with sekiro step and medium roll with bloodborne step
-AntiSteak for Sekiro Deflects on Timed Block - Better BlockingSword Mastery, and Universal Torrent Speeder-Upper 
-Silco992 for Better Armors 
-Jeffear for Better Scaling for Bows
-Trollaxethrowerr for Swordsmanship

-Dopameme51 for Attack Recovery Overhaul 
-RashFever26 for No Heavy Fog
-Dziggy for Detailed Item Descriptions

-Actiontheory for Lord's Dark Moon Greatsword

-DropOff for Torrent Anywhere 
-Maverickheart for Better Concealing Veil Talisman and Better Longtail Cat Talisman 
-OmecaOne for Greater Runes
-Thefifthmatt for Convenience Mod Installer

-Vawser for Yapped-Rune-Bear 
-JKAnderson for Yabber
-Katalash for DSMapStudio

-MattPlara for Berserker Dragon Slayer and whoever made Raptor's Black Feathers on Leather Armor (textures used in Screenshots)