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Much more detailed descriptions for what items do, including exact numbers for how much damage items/spells/skills do or how much a buff actually increases a stat by.

-- For game version 1.09.1 only! --

Permissions and credits
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  • Detailed Descriptions: I completely rewrote the effect descriptions for every single item in the game, including spells, equipment, and weapon skills. These are now much more detailed and actually give an accurate idea of what the item does. They include exact numbers, so if an item inflicts damage you will know how much it is. If an item gives you some sort of buff you will be able to know what it is, how much it buffs it by, and how long the effect lasts for.

  • Accurate Information: The information in this mod should be the most accurate source of information available. This is because I used modding tools to individually look up items and see exact numbers. I used every item, casted every spell, and used every weapon skill to write entirely new descriptions for what they do. This mod also fixes a lot of vanilla descriptions which had missing, misleading, or even completely wrong information.

  • Menu Adjustments: I made some adjustments to the item information panels on some of the menus. The primary purpose for this is to allow for much longer item effect descriptions. The crafting menu was changed the most with a new layout for the required ingredients, which takes up much less space so a new section for the item's effect description could be added. The passive effects section of the weapon stats panel was altered so that each passive effect gets two lines of text, to allow for more details. I made some other adjustments to the top sections of the menus to make them more organized.

  • Lore Unchanged: The new descriptions do not alter the lore and physical description sections of item descriptions because it's important for that to remain as it was written by the developers/translators. It just separates the item effect portions of the descriptions to make it easier to see what an item does.

Optional Files

  • Regulation.bin Manual Modification Files: This file is only necessary if you are already using a mod that modifies the regulation.bin file. It includes a .csv file that you can use with Yapped Rune Bear to quickly import all of the changes that I made to EquipParamWeapon. If you are already using a modified EquipParamWeapon file I also included a list of every single change that I made so that you can do it all yourself manually.
    In the vanilla game there are about 50 passive effects that various weapons have which aren't listed in the "Passive Effects" section of the weapon stats panel. I've written new descriptions for these missing passive effects, but they require a modification to the regulation.bin file in order for the text to appear in-game. This also allows passive effect texts to show more info about status effects (for example, how much damage poison does and how long it lasts).

Standalone Addons

  • Cleaner Menu Text: This is a non-essential file that just cleans up some of the menu text. It gets rid of unnecessary line breaks that look odd in-game, adds missing punctuation, and re-words some things to be a little clearer.

Missing Information

Most weapon skills do not have detailed information about damage dealt for almost all physical attacks and some projectiles because the damage can scale in odd ways and the scaling often varies by weapon type. Weapon skills still have detailed text descriptions, damage information for most projectiles, and detailed information for buffs/debuffs and status ailments.

Additional items which have missing details in their descriptions:

  • How much the headshot damage reduction is for Crucible Knot Talisman and Pumpkin Helm.
  • How much attacks heal under effects of Malenia's Great Rune.
  • How much of a damage buff summoned spirits get from Mohg's Great Rune.
  • How much the self madness accumulation is for Inescapable Frenzy, The Flame of Frenzy, and Unendurable Frenzy.

Primary Method (recommended)

  • Download and install Mod Engine 2. (Can be installed anywhere on your PC you want - doesn't have to be in the game's folder)
* If you are using the Seamless Co-op mod, please refer to this guide for instructions on how to use Mod Engine 2 with it.
  • Download and extract the variant of the mod you want.
  • Move the "menu" and "msg" folders and "regulation.bin" file to be inside Mod Engine 2's "mod" folder.
  • Launch the game through Mod Engine 2.

Secondary Method

  • Download the UXM Selective Unpacker tool.
  • Use UXM to fully unpack all of the game's files. (This will use up another 50 GB of hard drive space and the original packed files cannot be deleted)
  • Use UXM to patch the game's executable file. (This allows the game to load the unpacked files instead of the original packed files)
  • Download and extract the variant of the mod you want.
  • Move the "menu" and "msg" folders and "regulation.bin" file to the game's main install directory, overwriting the original files.
  • You will need to find a way to disable the game's anti-cheat. There are several different methods to do this, you can search to find one you want to use.

If you're interested in modding games yourself you can check my Game Modding Communities spreadsheets for relevant Discord servers and websites.
Information about the tools and resources I used to make this mod can be found in the "permissions and credits" section above.