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Visual overhaul + weapon changes for the Bolt of Gransax: includes Placidusax nuke effect, long-range lightning and more.
Featuring full dynamic destruction of assets such as trees, ruins and caravans.
Updated for patch 1.10.1

Permissions and credits

This is a full overhaul for the Bolt of Gransax. It's a regulation.bin edit and works with popular mods such as Swordsmanship.
Along with the main file you can find:
- .csv files to merge it with other regulation.bin mods with DSMapStudio
- text file with all changes listed;
- alternative version that preserves the charged ash of war's standard damage (the normal version of this mod increases it considerably).



- Download ModEngine2
- Place regulation.bin included in the files in your ModEngine2/mods folders
- Start the game using the .bat file included with ModEngine2

ParamPatcher (optional version for CheatEngine user):
- Create a blank script with ParamPatcher
- Right click on the script  -> select "change script"
- Paste the contents of the optional .txt file
- Activate the script



Effect changes:
Bolt of Gransax has a chargeable ash of war: this mod features different changes to the uncharged and charged version. Full regulation.bin changes can be found in the included text file, in case you're not happy with some of the changes.

UNCHARGED: An incredibly fast lightning spear with very long range.
Using it will bolster your weapon with ancient lightning [Vyke's Dragonbolt].
New visual effects: lightning explosion on cast and a powerful lightning strike on hit. Able to destroy any breakable object it directly hits, including trees and ruins.

CHARGED: A devastating nuke, slower than the uncharged bolt but much more hard hitting.
Thanks to increased duration and velocity, it can hit things across the map... if those things manage to render from so far away, that is.
Using it will grant your body the effects of Vyke's Dragonbolt.
New visual effects: a storm of lightning will follow the bolt. On hit, unleashes the full power of Placidusax's nuke: a massive AoE explosion with increased damage, able to destroy any breakable asset in range.
Be very careful when using this near friendly NPCs, as this could kill or aggro them (I will check if I can remove ally NPC damage from the nuke).

Weapon balance: 
- Weapon moveset changed to the Cross-Naginata 
- Damage on the charged ash of war (nuke) increased considerably
- More to come...


Planned features:
- Better sound effects: Placidusax's nuke SE sadly seems to be bound to his arena. I used the Giantsflame Take Thee SE here, but it's nowhere near as satisfying as the true nuke and it can't be heard from afar. The Dragonlord isn't THAT awakened right now;
- New interesting visual effects on normal attacks;
- FP cost review;
- Overhaul of other Ancient Dragons incantations and Gravel Stone Seal;
- Actual weapon rebalance, including Faith/Dex scaling and such.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

※ Enjoy ※

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