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A semi-HEMA accurate, COMPLETE and UTTER TRANSFORMATION of the combat system in Elden Ring. Includes bosses that have been changed to be faster and everyone is more aggressive. Not an easy mode, but not a hard mode either. Tutorials on how to create your own mods like this are extremely out of date and I will post better ones shortly.

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Don't watch the videos linked here on the page because everything is outdated.
Please turn on Invoke Manual Attack Aiming in your settings as this is vital to the mod.
OUTDATED Combo Chain Tutorial is up, currently hosted here.
OUTDATED Deflects and Blocking Tutorial is up, currently hosted here. (Tutorials moved from ?ServerName? to discount Pastebin. Formatting is a mess over there so it's advisable to copy and paste the tutorials into a Notepad file.)
Tutorial on installing this mod with Seamless Co-op is currently hosted here.
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Introduction of a completely remade Deflection system. Sekiro Deflects In Elden Ring was a good prototype, but the entire thing had exactly zero growth potential due to compatibility being its highest priority. Now that it is remade with zero regard to compatibility, the mod can finally spread its wings.
To a casual observer, it may look like things are the same as before, but the Deflect system has been completely changed, functionality-wise.
The new Deflect system does not increase Guard Stability, but rather, upon successive Deflects, there is a period of heightened stamina regeneration. This prevents players from Deflecting everything, such as very heavy attacks in rapid succession. Maliketh under the previous Deflect system would have been totally trivialized due to the player effortlessly Deflecting away a sword as large as their body. However, with the new system, you can only Deflect Maliketh's attacks once before he guardbreaks you.
Deflect time is symbolized by the "Buff Body" (Baldachin's Blessing) icon. To modify how much Deflect time you get before your Deflective stance turns into a guard stance, edit the duration of spEffect 6202004.
During the swings of some (see below) weapons when two-handed, you may notice the "Buff Body" icon in your upper left. That means that during that time, your attack has guard frames. This is especially useful on slower swinging weapons, who may use the timing of their swings as an added defensive measure. (As of 1.13 that system has been refined and is now known as "Clashing".)
Deflections also block 70% of any negative status buildup and 100% physical damage.
Clashing Revamp as of 1.13. Clashing is what happens when you and an enemy both swing at the same time. Whoever lands their attack first follows through with the attack, and the other goes into a Deflect animation. The Clashing frames are denoted by a "Buff Body" icon during your swing. On the first attack, there are very few Clashing frames. On the second attack, and on some combo chains, there is a second, darker icon, starting on the frame of the next attack, and lasting through until the attack frames end. This is a true Clash, which can force some enemies to break their attack chain, like Margit/Morgott, Radagon, and Malenia, if you Clash during the right attacks. While it may seem and sound like a parried attack, it is not and doesn't deal extra posture damage. Clashing does not make you immune to Perilous attacks. Some weapons have "hangs" where your character can delay their next attack for a fraction of a second, so that you can earn a Clash.
There is now a much wider variety of Deflections.
1. Engarde (one handed blades)
2. Posta Di Donna (Guard of the Lady, for both one and two handed blades)
3. Posta Di Fenestra (Window Guard, for two handed blades)
4. Posta Longa (Long Guard, for one and two handed blades)
5. High Guard (for one and two handed blades)
6. Stance of the Shortened Serpent (low variant, for polearms)
7. Stance of the Shortened Serpent (high variant, for polearms)
8. Normal Staff Guard (unrealistic, will be replaced soon for polearms)
9. Shield Guard (for small and medium shields)
Note that greatshields are not allowed to Deflect. Instead, when greatshields use Barricade Shield, they become immovable, allowying for players to power through even the heaviest of attacks. 
Your Deflect type also depends on which weapon you use. Katanas have different Deflects than Swords and Halberds, etc... Equip weapons in both hands to mix and match Deflect types.
Spellblades. Greatspears and Great Thrusting Swords (when infused with Magic or Sacred) are absolutely broken. If you want spellblades then pop Godrick's Great Rune and certain weapons such as the Banished Knight's Greatsword will have combo chain attacks do spellblade effects. Other weapons such as the Meteoric Ore Blade already have certain spellblade effects by default. This system is currently partially broken and will most likely remain so for a while. Holding certain staves and seals will also enable certain spellblades, at the cost of some of your damage output.
Enhanced Spirit Summons. Resonant Spirit Ashes, like the Godrick Soldiers, the Radahn Soldiers, Latenna, and the Fire Monks, will resonate in the prescence of great enemies (the new enhanced dragons). Summoning them allows you to walk while summoning. They have three charged tiers and every ring of the bell summons a higher tier with stronger, more numerous allies. See the video here for reference. (Not out of date, though may be broken in current build.)
True Perilous Attacks. Before, when facing a Perilous attack, as long as it hit you, it would chunk all your stamina and 20% of your max HP. This led to complications where players would die instantly to Radagon, and face random guardbreaks and all sorts of buggy behaviors. Now Perilous Attacks are impossible to Deflect (still buggy), and players will be notified of a Perilous Attack by them glowing white shortly before the boss swings/shoots. Upon successful dodge of a Perilous Attack, one may chain into a Guard Counter by using R2 or Shift Left Click.
As of 1.13, Perilous attacks do 1.4x more raw damage than the attack would normally, meaning that players with lower Defense and Absorption are prone to getting oneshotted. All main bosses now utilize script-based Perilous attacks, which do the 1.4x damage, such as Radagon, Morgott/Margit, Placidusax, Godfrey/Hoarah Loux, Mohg, Malenia, Rennala, Godrick, Maliketh/Beast Clergyman, and Golden Shade Godfrey.
As of (and earlier versions although I'm too lazy to count back), the player can hold down a fully charged default heavy attack or do a heavy jumping attack to enable their own Perilous attacks, which do quite some damage and break through guards.
Step-Dodges. Dodging has been reworked slightly. Light dodge forwards is a Sekiro Step, sideways dodges are Bloodborne steps, and backwards dodging is a Quickstep. Light class dodging forwards and backwards nets you ~14.5 iframes, side to side ~12 iframes. Mid class dodging is the same, but forwards dodge is a roll that gives ~13.3 iframes. Heavy dodge and overencumbered are untouched. If you spam dodges on light, you will get one step-dodge (which can do Perilous Guard Counters) and the rest of your dodges will be flips/rolls (which cannot do Perilous Guard Counters). Please play with the Blessed Dew Talisman to enjoy this system.
As of 1.15, Omnidirectional Dodging when locked on is back. Please turn on Invoke Manual Attack Aiming in your settings as this is vital to the mod.
Dynamic Boss Cameras. The bosses included in the mod, Beast Clergyman, Maliketh, Malenia, Godfrey, Hoarah Loux, Radagon, and Elden Beast, all have Dynamic Cameras that respond to what the boss does. This increases visibility hugely and adds a level of cinematic flair to the boss fights. Planning to add dragons, both normal and ancient, Morgott, Godrick, Mogh and Fire Giant to the list soon.
As of 1.13, Margit/Morgott, Mohg, and Placidusax have been added.
As of 1.14, Rennala (experimental) and Godrick have been added.
As of 1.15, Black Blade Kindred (Bestial Sanctum), Agheel, Greyll, and Decaying Ekzykes have been added.
Soft Dynamic Camera. A WIP that has the Blessed Dew Talisman give you an effect that will zoom out your camera when near big (like Trolls) enemies. Will be enhanced in 1.17.
Major Damage Type Rebalance. Due to the player character's increased speed, strength, versatility. etc... as well as the emphasis on HEMA and realism, the enemies of Elden Ring have had their damage resistance changed slightly. Armored enemies are quite tough to kill, however using heavy weapons or weapons designed to fight against armor like Greathammers and Halberds will slowly dent their armor, reducing their physical defense and absorbances. For unarmored enemies, they will be weaker to fire and slashing weapons. Slashing weapons such as the sword, katana, greatsword, etc... will cause tremendous bleed damage to fleshy targets such as wolves and Hoarah Loux.
Major Ashes of War Changes. Unsheathe, Square Off, and New Square Off have been changed. Unsheathe will now allow you to advance in katana combo chains. Square Off has been changed so that the r2 is a dodge. New Square Off allows for the switching between one and two handing your sword (and shield) and unlocks one hand sword and shield combo chains.
A new Ash of War replacing Carian Grandeur has been added, called "Spell Cast". Hold a seal in your hand and cast a spell. The player character will move the seal to their head, memorizing the spell for use. Then, tap L2 to cast your memorized spell. Spells do not need to be rememorized to use consecutively.
A new Ash of War replacing Glintstone Pebble has been added, called "Glinstone Pommel". Press L2 to energize your pommel with glintstone and throw it at an enemy. Then press R2 to follow up with a leaping strike, Ending your opponent Rightly. 
Unique infusions effects. There are unique infusions that may change a weapon's playstyle.
Heavy infusions now increase the weapon class of a weapon. Dagger -> sword, sword -> greatsword, greatsword -> colossal sword, curved sword -> curved greatsword, etc...
Keen infusions enable a Iaijutsu Quickdraw, where if a Keen weapon is held in the left hand, and a weapon of a different class, such as a catalyst or a whip, is held in the right, the player performs a Iaijutsu Quickdraw that can Deflect an incoming attack. After the quickdraw, the player will be two-handing the Keen weapon.
Quality infusions now enable certain weapons to become Blocking Left Hand weapons. These weapons may only be held in the left hand and can enable certain special 1H combos on weapons such as swords, curved swords, and hammers. These weapons can also be used with some of the curved greatsword's 2H combos.
Fire infusions now change the heavy attacks of some weapons (spears, daggers, swords, greatswords) to be a flaming thrust, where the weapon emits flames while thrusting. For weapons where it would be impractical for that to happen, such as maces and greataxes, the heavy attack is now a flame breath.
Flame Art infusions now stack damage. For every Deflect and attack you do, you lose 20 points of physical damage but gain 40 points of fire damage. This effect stacks and lasts for 7 seconds. The added fire damage is also present when Deflecting, thus making it Malenia, Blade of Miquella's natural enemy, as she attacks very quickly.
Lightning infusions now always have the weapon glow like lightning grease or Lightning Slash has been applied to it. If you don't like this look, just use Lightning Slash or a lightning grease and when that effect expires, the weapon returns to normal. Cycle the weapon away and back and the visual effect will return. Will make this feature a bit better later.
Magic weapons will now regenerate 3% of your FP over 3 seconds upon a successful Deflect or attack.
Cold weapons will now make you far more resistant to all status effects other than Cold.
Certain Occult weapons are able to use an enhanced two-handing moveset that contains three combos in one (see below).
Planned infusions: 
Poison infusion will emit a Poisonous Mist if your character drinks their flask.
Bleed infusion will give a special heavy attack similar to Corpse Piler.
Comboing and Weapon Moveset Replacements. A lot of weapons have been fundamentally altered in their movesets. If you experience any issues such as there not being swing noise on certain attacks, then please let me know. For KB + M users I heavily recommend binding your weapon art button (Shift Left Click) to Left Ctrl.
Moveset Documentation, written by Redshots (slightly out of date but still quite accurate): 
All combos in Sword Mastery function on a branching system.
Each "trunk" begins with a single R1. 
Every weapon listed while 2H will have combos.
Straight/curved swords, hammers/flails and Great Swords have unique 1H combos when paired with a shield in the left hand
Combos will never use R1s again after you branch off, meaning you'll never something like "R1 R1 R2 R1" for example. Though, some weapons support starting a combo over after branching off.
The number of R2s in the combo will vary weapon to weapon.
Please note that almost all weapons have had their R1 chains changed in some way, however I want to stick to just what is combo relevant for the purpose of this documentation. I have included the most noteworthy changes in R1 chains as  "Combo 0".
There might be some description of R1s in the descriptions of combos.
If there's no mention of Crouching/Running/Rolling or Backstep attacks for a particular weapon, assume those moves cannot be used as combo starters.
Straight Sword:
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2 - 1st R2 performs an invincible dash to the LEFT (around the target if locked on) and ending with an upward slash. Last hit is a stationary thrust. 
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - 1nd R2 performs invincible dash to the RIGHT (around the target if locked on) and ends in a double slash. Last hit is a slightly stronger thrust with slight forward movement.
Rolling R1, R2, R2 - Combo 2
Crouching R1, R2, R2 - Combo 2.
Running/Backstep R1, R1, R2, R2 - Combo 2.
NOTE: You can actually hold the R2 inputs for Straight Sword combos to remain in a crouched, but vulnerable position. Releasing the input will perform the attack.
Curved Sword:
(Combo 2) R1, R2, R2 - 1st R2 - Performs an invincible dash to the LEFT (around the target if locked on) and ending with a very far-advancing thrust. Last hit performs an invincible dash to the RIGHT ending with a strong left to right downward slash.
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - 1st R2 - Performs an invincible dash to the RIGHT (around the target if locked on) and ending with a left to right horizontal slash. Last hit is an invincible dash to the LEFT ending with right to left upward slash. 
Running R1, R1, R2, R2 - Combo 2.
NOTE: You can actually hold the R2 inputs for Curved sword combos to remain in a crouched, but vulnerable position. Releasing the input will perform the attack.
Hammer and shield:
R1, R2, R2 - First R2 follows up Flail swing with a downward bash with the shield (DEALS GIGA POISE DAMAGE) and ends with a downward strike with the hammer
Flail and shield:
R1, R1, R1, R1 - A series of spinning double strikes ending with a lunging spinning strike. (Very fancy. Ballerina energy)
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2 - First R2 follows up Flail swing with a downward bash with the shield (DEALS GIGA POISE DAMAGE) and ends with a downward strike with the hammer
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - Same as combo 1 but 2nd R1 is a spinning double strike
Running R1, R1, R2, R2 - Combo 2.
(combo 3) R1, R1, R1, R2, R2 - First R2 is a shield charge and ends with a downward strike with the Flail
Running R1, R1, R1, R2, R2 - Combo 3.
Crouching/Backstep/rolling R1 - Counts as a starter for any combo.
Great Hammer:
R1, R2, R2 - Upward angled strike, into a spinning advancing strike, ending with another upward strike
R1, R1, R2, R2 - Upward angled strike, Downward strike, multi-hitting advancing strike, ends in 2-part strike, upward then downward strike.
Rolling R1 - Starts Combo 1.
Running/Backstep R1 - Starts Combo 2.
R1, R2, R2 - Top to bottom Downward strike into a double thrust ending with a overhead downward thrust.
R1, R1, R2, R2 -  Top to bottom Downward strike into a left to right horizontal swipe, ending with the spinning slash ash of war.
Rolling R1 - Starts Combo 2 OR special shortened version of combo 2: Rolling R1, R2
Running/Backstep R1 - Starts Combo 2.
Great Spears:
R1, R2, R2 - Single thrust into GIANT HUNT into aggressive ground thrust
R1, R1, R2, R2 - Two thrusts into an overhead strike ending with upward swinging strike
Rolling R1 - Starts Combo 2 OR special shortened version of combo 2: Rolling R1, R2
Running/Backstep R1 - Starts Combo 2.
(Combo 1) R1, R2 - Downward strike into a thrust that deals damage both when thursting, and then pulling the blade back, that ends with a front-flipping overhead strike.
(Combo 2) Incredibly slow, 3 second animation lock that deals MASSIVE (like, actually nuts) poise damage. Stagger enemies in no time with this....so long as you don't get smacked for trying it.
R1, R1, R2, R2 - Third hit is a right to left upward slash that transitions into a double spinning slash. 
Pretty slow but good damage and coverage. Not as much poise damage as combo 1.
Crouching/Rolling R1 - Starts Combo 1
Curved Greatsword:
CGS only have Combo 1 while 2H. (OR DO THEY!?) Sad. Sad for them.
R1, OR R1, R1, R1, R2, R2 - 2nd hit starts with the curved sword retreating slash, then transitions into a spinning overhead slash. 3rd is a left to right horizontal slash.
(WITH A QUALITY-INFUSED CURVED SWORD IN THE LEFT HAND): R1, R1, R2, R2 - First R2 is a downward double slash with both curved swords, with the last R2 ending with a 2-part upward than downward double slash.
1 Handed: R1, R1, R2 - Two broad sweeps ending with the retreating slash from Bloodhound's Finese
Most complicated moveset. Has tapped and held inputs. For simplicity's sake they have their own key.
 R2(tapped END) - Sweeping Slash combo ender
R2(Hold END) - The second half of Bloodhound's Finese, fully invincible up until you begin the strike; combo ender.
R2(Tapped) - A fully invincible and spammable backflip. You can cancel this by a held R2 to continue the combo, or dodge out
R2(Hold) - A lunging stab with very slight forward movement
(Combo 1) - R1, R2, R2 - final hit is a retreating strike but has no iframes- 
(Combo 2) - R1, R1, R2(Tapped)(repeatable) R2(Hold), R2(Tapped END)
(Combo 3) - R1, R1, R2(Tapped)(repeatable) R2(Hold), R2(Hold END)
(Combo 4) - R1, R1, R2(Hold), R2(Hold END)
(Combo 5) - R1, R1, R2(Hold), R2(Tapped END)
Crouching/Rolling R1 - Starts Combos 2-5.
Unique Property -  The "Unsheathe" ash of war is part of the combo system. 
Unique Property - Katanas equipped in the Left Hand will ALWAYS trigger the Iai quickdraw effect, regardless of infusion. (see infusions section for more details.)
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2 - Last two hits are the R2, R2 from the Serpentbone Blade
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - Last two hits are the "Ichimonji" heavy attack from the Meteoric Ore Blade
Rolling/Crouching R1 - Starts Combo 2. Skips 2nd R1.
Backstep R1 - Starts Combo 2. Takes Place of 1st R1.
Unsheathe R1 - Starts Combo 1. Skips 1st R1.
Unsheathe R2 - Starts Combo 2. Skips 2nd R1.
Greatsword and Shield:
(Combo 1) R1, R1, R2, R2 
(Combo 2)
Rolling R1 - Starts either Combo.
Running R1 - Starts Combo 1.
Unique Property - Successful deflects count as starters for either Combo 1 or Combo 2 depending on the type of deflect performed. Knowledge of enemy types can yield some interesting counters - Like reversal parries!
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2(repeatable) - 1st R2 performs an invincible dash to the left ending in a horizontal strike. Last R2 or R2s are alternating upward strikes that have parry frames. No ender.
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - 2nd R2 is a wide-sweeping strike. Last hit is the Warhawk Talon's heavy attack.
Greatsword also makes limited use of tapped and held inputs:
(Combo 1 ALT) - R1, R2(hold) - Skips the horizontal strike and comes out of the dash with the parrying upward strike(s).  Allows for more versatile responses to enemy attacks.
Crouching/Rolling R1 - Universal Starter.
Backstep R1 - Combo 2 starter.
Heavy Thrusting Sword:
Due to a quirk of Elden Ring's code, This weapon class can't be used for combo system. Moveset is now the same as the new Greatsword. While making little sense, it is unavoidable currently.
Colossal Sword:
Unique property - Neutral Heavy attacks (R2s) can start either Combo. Even Combo 0.
Unique Property - Successful deflects count as starters for either Combo 1 or Combo 2 depending on the type of deflect performed. 
(Combo 0) - R1, R1, R1 -
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2(repeatable) - Starts with wide horizontal sweep that transitions into repeated thrusts
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - horizontal sweep into an upward strike. First R2 then performs a right to left downward strike and then ended with a vertical upward strike followed by a slam.
Colossal Sword also makes limited use of tapped and held inputs:
(Combo 2 ALT) R1, R1, R2, R2(Hold) - Causes the last hit to instead perform an advancing left to right upward strike. Hitting R2 again performs first R2 of Combo 2, allowing you loop as much as you want before ending the combo by doing a tapped R2.
Colossal Weapon:
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2 - Overhead slam. First R2 transitions into a horizontal sweep, followed by a stomp, then another horizontal sweep, ending with the last R2 being an upward launching strike.
First R2 can be held indefinitely until you release which will continue the combo from the stomp.
Keen Weapons: If equipped in the left hand, performing the block action will instead cause you to assume an Iaijutsu stance and perform an omni-directional deflect with the keen weapon, after which you will be 2-handing it.
Occult Weapons:
curved GS
curved sword
straight sword
This shit is insane. The weapons listed above, when equipped in the right hand and infused with Occult, enable the use of 2 distinct power-stance movesets that can be seemlessly switched between using neutral heavy attacks. It does not matter what weapon is equipped in the left hand.
The movesets are borrowed from the powerstance movesets of other weapons, put together in ways that make logical sense and flow together. To make it easier to follow, I'll simply label each move in a combo after the move it was borrowed from. As you might imagine, there's a lot more here than just Combo 1 and 2.
PS = Power Stanced
While 1-Handing right hand weapon: 
(Combo 1) R1, R2 - Straight Sword PS L1,  then the Last L1 of PS Curved GS
(Combo 2) R1, R1 R2 - 2 Straight Sword PS L1s, then the Last L1 of PS Curved GS
(Combo 3) R1, R1, R1, R2, - 2 Straight Sword PS L1s, then the 3rd L1 of PS Thrusting Sword, followed by the 2nd L1 PS Curved GS, ending with the last hit of PS Heavy Thrusting Sword
Crouching/Rolling R1 - Universal Starter.
Neutral R2 - left to right horizontal slash that will leave you 2-Handing your right hand weapon afterwards.
While 2-Handing right hand weapon:
(Combo 1) R1, R2, R2 - PS Curved Sword L1, 2nd L1 PS Curved GS, ends with Last L1 of PS Curved GS
(Combo 2) R1, R1, R2, R2 - PS Curved Sword L1, PS Katana 2nd L1, PS Thrusting Sword 3rd L1, ends with  PS Hammer last L1. 
(Combo 3) R1, R1, R1, R2, R2 - PS Curved Sword L1, PS Katana 2nd L1, PS Curved Sword 3rd L1 PS Thrusting Sword 3rd L1, ends with  PS Hammer last L1. 
Backstep R1 - Combo 2 Starter.
Neutral R2 - Heavy Thrusting Sword R2 that will leave you 1-Handing your right hand weapon.
Quality Rapier equipped in left hand:
Right hand weapons:
Halberd/spear - L1, R2 - A frenzied series of chops that end with a downward thrust.
Colossal Sword - L1, R2 - A frenzied series of strikes ending with a downward Slam.
Katana/Axe - L1, R2 - Rapid series of slashes/chops
(These combo chains are not intentional and are a result of cannibalizing War Cry and Braggart's Roar.)
Minor Changes.
Ducking can be used to dodge. It gives around 8 iframes.
Seppuku actually kills you. The benefit is that you get to keep your runes.
Cragblade has been massively buffed for more damage and posture damage.
Barbaric Roar and War Cry will cease to function properly. This is collateral for the combo system.
Flaming Strike and Lightning Slash have been buffed for extra damage.
Blessed Dew Talisman enables "easy" mode, where you get a huge amount of Equip Load as well as the Assassin's Crimson Dagger and Malenia's Great Rune effect.
Assassin's Crimson Dagger has been massively buffed.
An experimental feature has been added to your recipe book. You should see a Spectral Steed Whistle called ?Goodsname? (yes, this is a placeholder). Craft it and it'll allow you to summon Torrent as a Spirit Ash. This is very useful for the Elden Beast boss fight and not much else. I'm planning on making it drop from Radagon and be exclusive for the Elden Beast fight.
Rennala just dies when she falls out of the sky in her phase 1.
The Godefroy experience has been enhanced a thousandfold because he just dies.
The regular heavy attack that Gargoyle weapons have now can switch whatever weapon is in your hand. You can only equip Gargoyle weapons in the right hand. Make sure to put the Gargoyle weapons next to each other as demonstrated in the video for optimal performance.
Weapon Swapping is MUCH faster and defaults to two-handing automatically, in most cases. Use this with the Blessed Dew Talisman to become an Asura.