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Safest and easiest way to toggle the anti-cheat. Improves performance for some people. Can automatically toggle mods on and off.

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You can not play online while the anti-cheat is disabled. This tool is not a workaround for EasyAntiCheat and will not help you play online with a modded client. It's simply meant for easily switching between modded and non-modded play.

How safe is this?
Completely safe. The anti-cheat gets completely turned off and won't punish you for it even if you turn it back on. However I can not guarantee that the anti-cheat will not detect modified saves (infinite runes, overpowered gear, etc.) - if you decide to re-enable the anti-cheat afterwards.

Place the contents of "ToggleAntiCheat.zip" inside your game folder, for example: "G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game\".

Simply run "toggle_anti_cheat.exe" and it will disable EAC and turn on any installed DLL mods. Run the .exe again to re-enable the anti-cheat and disable all DLL mods, letting you play online again without issues.

While the anti-cheat is off, the game will say "inappropriate activity detected" in the main menu, this is fine.

Offline launcher:
If you don't care about toggling, you can use the "start_game_in_offline_mode.exe" to start the game in offline mode directly. This will make the game behave the same way as if you toggled the anti-cheat off. You can create a shortcut to this on your desktop by right clicking the .exe and clicking "Send to" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)".

Mod creators:

You may provide this as a tool for your users and I recommend that you do so instead of continuing with the old methods as they will likely cause issues in the future. However instead of redistributing the tool with your mod files you should link to this mod page so that they will always download the latest version.

Why use this tool?

Using this tool has some advantages over other methods:
  • It guarantees the anti-cheat will not launch no matter how you start the game.
  • It is faster than toggling it manually.
  • It will not cause issues after a game update (unless start_protected_game.exe is patched in the update) - even then there is a safeguard.
  • It can automatically toggle Elden Mod Loader mods.
  • From experience, certain methods work for some people but not others. This tool combines methods so it should work for everybody.
  • If you're a mod creator, you don't have to explain how to disable EAC and can just link to this page instead.

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