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Convenience mods: Unlock all maps and landmarks, offline Varré quest, unlock Graces on Torrent, warp from dungeons, "Purchase" "Sell" and "Strengthen armament" menus at Graces and elsewhere, skip flame pillar puzzles. Includes a program to install/uninstall these mods individually on any game version.

Permissions and credits
This mod is an installer for these minor convenience mods. It also includes a version with all of these pre-installed.

- Unlock all maps
- Unlock all icons (only while mod is active)
- Remove invasion requirement for Varré quest
- Unlock Sites of Grace while riding Torrent
- Warp from dungeons without defeating the boss
- Don't show tutorials (regardless of game options)
- Don't award achievements
- Additional weapon upgrade menus
- Additional purchase menus
- Additional sell menus
- Skip Siofra and Nokron flame pillar puzzles

These mods can be uninstalled, too. They will no longer take effect once uninstalled, with the exception of map unlocks, which are permanent for a playthrough.

This installer is intended to work on top of any other ModEngine-based mod, and for any version of Elden Ring. Remember to back up your save file before using ModEngine, and restore your pre-mod save file before going back online.

You may include these edits in other mods if you credit this mod.

However, do not create mods which consist only of these edits and nothing else. Please just direct people towards this mod in that case.


1. Download

Select a version of EldenConvenienceMod to download based on which mods you want to use.

If you want to select mods individually, edit an existing mod folder, or presets have not yet been updated for the latest version of Elden Ring, use the custom version. Otherwise, use a preset.

Extract the zip file using 7zip or a similar tool.

2. Set up Mod Engine

Download the latest version of Mod Engine 2.

To use a preset, either place its contents into the existing mod folder, or edit config_eldenring.toml so that path matches the intended mod directory. With the first approach, the mod directory should look like this.

3. Customize

Skip this step if you're using a preset.

Run EldenConvenienceMod.exe and select the Elden Ring game exe, then select the directory where you wish to install the mods. In the default Mod Engine setup, this means selecting the directory called mod.

You can then select individual mods to install and click "Install selected" to install them.

4. Run the game

When using Mod Engine, use launchmod_eldenring.bat to launch the game. Do not use modengine2_launcher.exe directly, and do not launch the game from Steam.

If the launcher immediately closes, it is because the game location cannot be determined from Steam. Make sure Steam is running, and if necessary, change your Elden Ring install location to match the drive Steam is installed on.

5. Uninstall

If you used the mod standalone, edit config_eldenring.toml or delete the diectory to stop using the mod.

Otherwise, use EldenConvenienceMod.exe to uninstall mods. This will only work if they were originally installed using the installer.

Warning: if you loaded into a save file while using this mod, do not go back online without deleting the save file or restoring a pre-mod save file backup.


This mod was created using SoulsFormats and Paramdex by TKGP and others. Source on GitHub. See the modding wiki and join ?ServerName? to learn more.

If you have ideas for convenience mods to implement, please suggest them. Keep in mind these mods are meant to skip busywork, not allow the player to make more progress than would otherwise be easily possible.