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This mod creates new sorceries from some already-existing ones.

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READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING: This mod has been designed for my personal use and I like the way it is; for this reason I DO NOT CONSIDER ANY REQUESTS OR SUGGESTIONS. Neither considering the possibility of making standalone versions of each spell. 

Modified spells:

Light Stars of Ruin --> Replaced with Charged version's visual.

Charged Stars of Ruin --> Founding Rain of Stars: casted at the target's position.

Light Roiling Magma --> Fire Wave.

Charged Roiling Magma --> Magma Burst.

Light Freezing Mist --> Freezing Shock.

Charged Freezing Mist --> Blizzard.

Light Fia's Mist --> Distant Fia's Mist.

Charged Fia's Mist --> Frenzied Discharge (5 charges per bullet).

Light Gravity Well --> Dark Pressure.

Charged Gravity Well --> 0 Zone.

Comet Azur --> Longer range.

Light Comet --> Magic Arc: similar to Glintstone Arc but with a longer range.

Charged Comet -->  Longer range.

Magma Shot -->  Fireball.

Charged Magma Shot --> Inferno.

Glinstone Icecrag --> Ice Shard.

Charged Glinstone Icecrag --> Comet.

Rennala's Full Moon --> Lunar Beams.

Meteorite of Astel --> Increased bullet spawn rate, travelling and homing distance.


INSTALLATION: Just replace your "regulation.bin " in your ".../Game" directory. don't forget to make a backup of your regulation file.

- None.

Current version: 1.2