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New hairstyles for the character creator

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Oh yes you see right...another Hairstyle-Mod :D
But who gets enough of these stuff ^^

Let me say first, I didn´t create these Hairstyles and textures. I only making them useable for the DAO-character creator. All credits go to the original authors (consent was granted). I have a lot respect from their great work.

Okay, here is my first Modification for the Community...I hope you like it and....happy HAIRSTYLE DAY:)


1. Download the mod
2. Extract the HAIRSTYLE DAY NEW folder in your "My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override" directory
3. Run CharGenMorph Compiler if you use more than one changenmorphcfx.xml files..more infos about what a changenmorphcfx.xml file is and what the CharGenMorph Compiler does..read the description on the following link... (CharGenMorph Compiler).

Alternately, if you want to simply edit your chargenmorph file yourself. Add the line(s) of the hairstyle(s) you want use under the gender/race hair section.

For example you want use the "Aphrodite" hairstyle for HF. 
Just put the following line under  <hairs> <human_female> in your chargenmorph file and save it.  ( <resource name="hf_har_Luna_0" cut="1" />)



- Delete HARSTYLE DAY NEW folder from your override folder.


My first HAIRSTYLE DAY update^^
Enjoy :)

Update 1.1
- add hair Starlet, NightBloom, Baroque, LuckyStar for EF
- add KissJasmine for HF and EF
- add Genius for EF

- add Blazer, Soledad for HM and EM
- add Dragon for EM

IMPORTANT INFO!!!!!!!! I have made a mistake with the chargenmophcfg.xml. A new one is now uploaded.
Download it again or edit the chargenmophcfg.xml....in section hairs /elf_female you must put the missing s to KissJasmine. Save it and it´s done :)
Sorry everyone, but i haven´t noticed it. Thanks go to solarsis for the info :)

Update 1.2
I have finally received the permission from PeggySims *YAY*

-add Starlet, Baroque, LuckyStar for DF
-add SunKiss for HF, EF and DF
-add P329, P4997 for HF and EF
-add P4697, PSep.11, P7813 for HF, EF and DF

-add P012b for HM and EM (special thanks go to maymay...she helps me with a texture problem :) )
-add Battler for HM and EM
-fixed Blazer

Update 1.2a
-fixed the textures.....the sharp glimmer should be gone
-the old version is also available as the new one...for those who like the glimmer

To replace only the textures....delete the old HAIRSTYLE DAY folder and put the new one in your override directory. You don´t have to run the CharGenMoph compiler or edit the chargenmophcfg.xml

Update 1.3
-fixed texture issue P329 for HF and EF
-fixed clipping issue P4997 for HF

-add P4997 for HM and EM
-add P630 for HM and EM
-add PAug.09 for HM, EM and DM
-add Swallowtail for EM (special gift for stevo) and EF
-add PDez.09 for HM and EM....special gift for Risi :D

Update 1.3a
-add Swallowtail for HF
-add Wakeup for HF and EF

Update 1.4
-add PMarch.10 HF and EF
-add Dragon HF
-add P7596 HF and EF

So i finally able to convert the flower crone and horns from the skyrim lovely hairstyle mod. Big thanks go to zn00P who gave me his permission :)
Also thanks to Risi, Maymay and Hayllee for their support *big huges*

These variety of hairstyles is a gift for Stevo :)
-add Swallowtail Horns
-add PMarch.10 Horns
-add P4997 Horns
-add 7813 Crone
-add Wakeup Crone

There are 2 chargenmophcfg.xml (one for the main file and one for the headdress and more file).
USE ONLY ONE....edit chargenmoph or use chargenmoph compiler !!!!

Update 1.5
-add PMarch.10 EM
-add Battler HF
-add P7596 EM
-add Wakeup EM
-add Aphrodite for HF, EF and EM

Update 1.5a
-fixed P7596 EM
I noticed that P7596 has a hole in the texture O.o
Sorry no new hairstyles, hope I can upload a new one soon :)

Update 1.6
-add Hawke for all genders and races. On my pictures you see a half bold head, but in game thereshould be stubble (Risi tryed it out for me).
I don´t know, my CC still doesn´t work properly :D. )
-add Battler for EF
-add Summerflavor for HF, EF and DF
-add Gem for HF, EF and EM
-add Mermaid for HF and EF
-add Catfight for HF and EF (thanks cazy for the permission)

Miscellanea 1.1
-add Summerflavor Horns for HF and EF
-add Mermaid Headpiece 2 for HF and EF (I´m still waiting for the permission for headpiece1. When I have it, I´ll upload it asap)

Please notice...you can chance the color for the headpiece 2 variant if you wish.
The following are available: red, greengrey, blue and purple.
Please put only one dds file in your MermaidHP2 folder. The red on is already in the folder included.
Big thanks goes to ran417 for this wonderful headpiece :)


[size=20]Latest Update 08.01.2013[/size]

Update All in One
So, I put all hairstyles in one main file. Hope it works.
If you still use my mod delete the old files and use only the new one.

-add LadysDiary for HF, EF and DF
-add Climax for HF and EF
-add Ballet for HF, EF and DF
-add Camoflage for HF, EF and DF
-add EndlessSong for HF, EF and DF
-add J102 for HF and EF
-add Moonrise for HF and EF
-add Radar for HM and EM
-add Rival for HM and EM
-add POkt08 for HM and EM
-add P4748 for HF and EF
-add P7673 for HM and EM

Headdress and more ALL-IN-ONE
Put all hairstyles with accessoires in one file :)

Please notice...you can chance the color for the earrings if you wish.
The following are available: red/silver, blue/silver and gold/silver.

Please put only one dds file in your MermaidHP2 folder. The silver/gold on is already in this folder included.
Big thanks goes to ran417 for this wonderful earrings :)

NewSea (http://www.newseasims.com) and (http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/NewSea)
PeggySims (http://www.peggyzone.com/)
zn00P (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/7403)
ran417 http://ran417.blog.163.com/
Cazy http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy/
Electronic Arts


Blender 2.49b
Blender ImportExport Script
Dragon Age: Origin Toolset