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Collection of my own morphs for followers and NPCs. Another one
UPD Added fullpack face, eyes and tattoo tex. Added some req. hairmodels (AlisterLore, Wynne1.1, Velanna both, Nataniel1.1)

Permissions and credits

You can use "DA face replacer" to install morphs
or rename it as follower or smb NPC.


This .mor-files requires a lot of PRE-installed another mods with hairstyles or skin- and eyes-textures:

from this file

Pineappletrees Vibrant Colours:

Dracomies True textures:

Additional Hairs for DA:

LOTC's female eyelashes:

More hairstyles:

Luna's Eyes:

Rens Hair:

Witcher 2 for DA (textures):

KH DAO Companions redesign (KH textures file):

Bidelles Cosmetics:

DrDJs Bandit Emporium:

Tucked hair:

Face And Eye Textures by FataMorgana:

DAO - Anto Hairstyles:

Luna's Skins:

CC extra tints & tones:

DA2_DAO Tattoos:


DA ME2 morphs & textures:

LOTC's Hairstyle Collection:

DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO:

Raptures Witcher (Witcher Asthetics):


New Skins DAO by ViLiSSa:

New Eyes for DAOT by ViLiSSa:

HAIRS from Risibisi blog

HAIRS and TEXTURES from Kani-Hime blog

Hairstyle Day by ShepShy:

Lovely Tints

Lipstick - mole and freckles textures by SammyJC (natural skins textures)

Devs Morphs and More by DevLog

Platinum Blonde by danexuslurker

Pretty Eyes by danexuslurker

Dalish Concept Tattoo by fallingangel89

LOTC s Eye Textures by marquiseondore

More CC tattoo colors by Roma Victa

Gizmodian Faceworks by Luchaire

O-oh.... I hope I not forgot anything)))