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Final version. Contains only a few of my originals. The others did not show up right in my CC. They may still in yours. You can download either the last version or the final version. If the hair doesn\'t show in the last version for you, the just download the final version or add your own hair to the missing.

Permissions and credits
If you like these faces, please endorse! :)

This is a simple mod that contains cute faces I created for my own use and thought I would share. These faces contain materials from other mods which are listed below under Requirements. Check out those mods and please endorse them if you can. These guys did a great job on their mods!

Each upload file contains pictures of the files so you know which one is which. If there is one you don't want, simply delete it out of the containing folder.

In this file, I have Preset (.mop) files along with their Morph (.mor) files.

**Please check out the Required Mods section below for a list and the links to the mods. If you do not have these, your presets will look deformed.

Upcoming Updates:

There will be no more updates. This is the final version of this mod since I have lost all source files to these faces. Keep a look out for a few new faces I may upload.

***Installation -
- Just download the file and extract it into your override folder (usually located in Documents\\BioWare\\Dragon Age\\packages\\core\\override).
- Then, compile your chargenmorph files.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the CharGenMorph Compiler to compile the chargenmorph files. If you do not do this, your new presets will not show up in your Character Creator! You will also need this for the other mods you are installing.

***To Uninstall***
- Just go into your "overrides folder" and delete the "Mamas Faces" folder.
- Then, compile your chargenmorph to get rid of the bad references.

***Required Mods***

To install these mods, please check out their description pages and/or Readme files.

You will find "Required Mods" for the single files in the ReadMe that is included with the download along with the ReadMe on this page.

***Author notes***
If you want permission to use one of my files, just send me a message or post in discussion. Tell me about your project and what role my files will play in it. Thank you, in advance, for your interest.

And that's it. Feel free to upload your own images of this work if you like. Please, no adult content as this file is for EVERYONE! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!

Special thanks to all the modders that released these incredible mods used to create these wonderful characters.
  • MidnightVoyager for the awesome Black Hair is Black mod.
  • tmp7704 for the beautiful Elf Updates, Tucked Hair and the Earring with Hair mod.
  • Pineappletree for the cool Vibrant Colors mod used on some of my files.
  • boodrl for the nice Additional Hairs mod.
  • MissB for the cool textures she has provided for our gaming experience.
  • cemeteryschild for the awesome tattoos provided to use for our use in the toolset.
  • Bidelle for the beautiful cosmetics.
  • jaylo for the cool CC Tones and Tints mod.
  • Dracomies for the awesome Dragon Age Redesigned mod.
  • tmp7704 for the beautiful Elf Updates and the Earring with Hair mod.
  • exarkun3000 for the awesome Trailer Tattoo.
  • Khylian for more awesome tattoos with the DA2-DAO Tattoos.
  • LOTC for the beautiful eye textures and lashes.
  • Ottemis for the nice DA ME2 Textures.
  • Shepspy for the great hairstyles in Hairstyle Day.
  • Serissia for the awesome Character Creation Files.
  • FDB for the tattoos.

***Of course, all files are listed in the Required Mods portion of this description.

Update Version Final:
  • Took out Milo, Misty and Faith. Hair was not showing up anymore for some reason.
  • Do not have the original files for the original faces, so there will be no more updates for those faces. However, I will add new ones including new and improved Milo, Misty and Faith.

    Update Version 1.3:
  • Name changes: Hottness - Faith, Pinkie - Eve
  • Changed Faith's hairstyle and tattoo
  • Added Male Elf named Milo

Update Version 1.2:
  • Added Human Female Preset - Misty
  • Completely re-did all file uploads!

Update Version 1.1:
  • Lily's tattoo showed up as solid in the CC. But during game play, it was just the outline. This has been fixed.
  • Deleted 1.0
  • Added Lily 1.0 to Optional files.

Start Version 1.0 Contents:
  • Elf Female - "Hottness" (Preset)
  • Human Female - "Isabel" (Preset)
  • Human Female - "Lily" (Preset)
  • Human Female - "Pinkie" (Preset)