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Some simple headmorphs I made after discovering the magic of the toolset.


I received FMorgana's permission to host her texture mods, so feel free to dive in and grab them here.


If you're still having trouble getting my MOPs to work, try this:

Skip using the Chargenmorph Compiler, and manually edit the lines from my xml file into yours. I don't know why it has issues when compiled all at once, so editing manually might be the way to go for this mod.

EDIT: Quote by xXxninjexXx:

"You can use the morph compiler to merge the chargenmorph file you just don't delete the bad references and it works great"



Hi, and welcome to my very first mod. I was inspired to make my own after seeing so many excellent presets here on Nexus, so here we are. I'm still very new to the toolset so please forgive me if I make a mistake, or if these appear too plain or similar.

Note that this is mod-heavy, so you'll need quite a lot of mods to get these to work. You'll also need to use the Chargenmorph Compiler as it comes with its own xml file. If you have any other suggestions, criticisms or what not, feel free to say so.

I included a folder containing the MRH files if anyone wants to use them. Oh, and after merging the chargenmorph files, copy the mop files to Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/Core/Override/Toolsetexport.

Thanks, and hope you like them. Please let me know if there's a problem and I'll fix it up, as I have a ton of mods in my file that I may likely missed here.


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