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Take control of the game's very large number of tweakable parameters.

Enable infinite hover for the Levitate ability, modify % of source lost on death, interaction button hold duration, tweak launch target prioritization, auto-aim parameters and more.

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Take control of the game's very large number of tweakable parameters.

  • Enable infinite hover for the Levitate ability
  • Modify the % of Source lost on death (default is 10%)
  • Modify the button hold duration for hold-to-activate interactions
  • Control whether launchable objects should be highlighted in the HUD
  • Configure auto-aim parameters like hit-zone radius and max range
  • Fine-tune Jesse's prioritization for throwing back projectiles like grenades and missiles when using the Launch ability
  • etc... (Please see the Notable Tweakables article)

Requires the Loose File Loader.


Control has a very large number of configurable game settings, known internally as tweakables. All tweakables have a default value, but these can be overridden by specifying their values in the following file: data\globaldb\tweakables.xml. All unspecified tweakables use their default values.

This mod provides a template, empty tweakables.xml file in the correct path for you to specify new values for the tweakables you wish to modify. This page also lists all tweakables and their default values.

Please note: Among this very large list, there are some tweakables that do not have any effect on the game as the code paths that would have originally used them have been removed from the final, release build of the game. Tweakables containing the word "Debug" or "Visualize/Show" are more likely to be unused.

Tweakables are reloaded from disk when loading a savegame.


1. Install the Loose File Loader.

2. Extract the contents of the mod to your Control installation directory. The contents of the data directory from the mod goes into the data folder in your game installation directory.


1. Look through the full list of tweakables listed below on this page, or consult the Notable Tweakables article for a selection of useful tweakables.

2. To modify a tweakable, open your tweakables.xml file in a text editor, and copy a setting line into your file.

3. Modify a setting's value by changing the value=* part of a tweakable line.

4. Save the file and start the game.


Delete the following file from your Control installation directory: data\globaldb\tweakables.xml

Full list of Tweakables and their default values

For your reference, here is a full list of all tweakables in the game, along with their default values. This list was captured from game version v1.07 - future versions may make changes to this list.

Please do not use the entire file as your tweakables.xml file! Only include the tweakables that you wish to override and change.

Expand the following section to view:



All credit is due to Remedy for providing for these configurable parameters!

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