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Allows you to customize the time limit and enemy difficulty level for the Expeditions game mode.

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Custom Expedition Settings

Allows you to customize the time limit and enemy difficulty level for the Expeditions game mode.

Requires the Control Plugin Loader.


The timer is probably the most frustrating part of Expeditions. Once it expires, your entire Expedition is forfeit, and you would have spent 25 minutes with little-to-nothing to show for it. It can be very frustrating to spend more than 20 minutes completing all the island challenges, and then have the timer run out when you're fighting the final boss. It can also be disappointing to realize, after spending too much time on one island, that completion would be impossible in the remaining time and the only choice would be to abandon the expedition, or persist towards an inevitable failure.

For casual players:

You can use this mod to give yourself a wide time berth to complete Expeditions. 

If you've given up on Expeditions due to running out of time, this mod can provide you with a gentler introduction to Expeditions without the tight time limit. Deaths only reset your progress on the current island, not the entire expedition.

If you need to, you can also lower the difficulty of enemies with this mod.

Your completion times are still recorded and shown at the end of every expedition, and you can work towards improving your times.

For seasoned players:

Try Expeditions as a survival mode instead of a timed trial!

  • Clear out all enemies on each island instead of running away from them at the first opportunity.
  • Enemies drop materials and mods. The higher level they are, the better resources they drop.
  • For a real challenge, do the "Hiss Waves" island last, when enemies are at maximum level. Named enemies have a higher chance of dropping valuable loot.
  • Extra challenge: Stay alive - abandon the expedition if you die!


1. Install the prerequisite: Control Plugin Loader.

2. Extract the contents of the mod into the following folder: <Control Installation Directory>\plugins.


The main file sets the expedition timer to a round 30 minutes, from the original 25. If this is exactly what you want, no further configuration is needed - once the mod is installed, you can start a new expedition with the new time limit.

I have also uploaded optional setting files for 35 and 60 minutes. Download them from the Files tab and allow to overwrite ExpeditionSettings.ini.

For custom configurations, open ExpeditionSettings.ini in a text editor like Notepad and modify the settings to your liking.

Explanation of Settings
Any setting placed under the [ExpeditionSettings] header will apply to all expedition tiers. Settings placed under [Tier #] headers will only apply to that specific tier.

Time given to complete the expedition, in seconds.
Game Default: 1500 (25 minutes)

Determines the starting enemy level of enemies. Minimum allowable value: 5.
Game Defaults:
- [Tier 1]: 5
- [Tier 2]: 6
- [Tier 3]: 7

Sample ExpeditionSettings.ini with default game settings
Here is a example INI file filled with all game default values so you can understand how the settings file works by example.

Expand section to view.


Delete the following two files from your Control installation's plugins directory: ExpeditionSettings.dll and ExpeditionSettings.ini

General Information about the Expeditions Game Mode


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