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Displays the photos you've taken in Photo Mode as loading screen images.

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Photomode Loadscreens

Displays the photos you've taken in Photo Mode as loading screen images!

What better time to view the photos you've taken in Photo Mode in-game than when sitting through a loadscreen? Instead of staring at the same old drab loading screen over and over again, this mod lets you have a loading experience that is uniquely yours.

Requires the Control Plugin Loader.


1. Install the prerequisite: Control Plugin Loader.

2. Extract PhotomodeLoadscreens.dll into the following folder: <Control Installation Directory>\plugins.

3. Launch the game and enjoy your new loading screens!


Once installed, load screens will display a random photo from your photomode collection.

To specify a custom photo location, create the file PhotomodeLoadscreens.ini alongside the mod with the following contents:


Delete the following file from your Control installation directory: plugins\PhotomodeLoadscreens.dll


Source code: Github

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