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  • Notable Tweakables

    This article highlights some notable tweakables and their default values.

    If you come across any particularly useful tweakables that are not already in this list, please feel free to contribute them by posting a comment to this article!

    Infinite hover for the Levitate ability
    <tweakable type="bool" name="Ability Levitate: infinite Hover" value="0"/>

    Modify the % of Source lost on death (default is 10%)
    <tweakable type="float1" name="PlayerProperties:Norm. XP loss on death" value="0.100000"/>

    Modify the button hold duration for hold-to-activate interactions
    <tweakable type="float1" name="HUD:Interaction Component:Short Hold Time" value="0.300000"/>

    Control whether launchable objects should be hig...