This article highlights some notable tweakables and their default values.

If you come across any particularly useful tweakables that are not already in this list, please feel free to contribute them by posting a comment to this article!

Infinite hover for the Levitate ability
<tweakable type="bool" name="Ability Levitate: infinite Hover" value="0"/>

Modify the % of Source lost on death (default is 10%)
<tweakable type="float1" name="PlayerProperties:Norm. XP loss on death" value="0.100000"/>

Modify the button hold duration for hold-to-activate interactions
<tweakable type="float1" name="HUD:Interaction Component:Short Hold Time" value="0.300000"/>

Control whether launchable objects should be highlighted in the HUD
<tweakable type="bool" name="AbilityLaunch: Highlight with GFX" value="1"/>
<tweakable type="bool" name="AbilityLaunch: Highlight with HUD" value="1"/>

Configure auto-aim parameters like hit-zone radius and max range
<tweakable type="float1" name="Auto Aim:Head Area Radius Multiplier" value="1.000000"/>
<tweakable type="float1" name="Auto Aim:Hit Zone Radius" value="0.200000"/>
<tweakable type="float1" name="Auto Aim:Max Range" value="200.000000"/>

Fine-tune Jesse's prioritization for throwing back projectiles like grenades and missiles when using the Launch ability
<tweakable type="float1" name="AbilityLaunch-Grenade:Projectiles pick priority (0:lower)" value="1.100000"/>

Control whether you can use Ground Slam multiple times without touching the ground
<tweakable type="bool" name="AbilitySlam : Requires touching Ground to use again" value="1"/>

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  1. Kitlard
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    Any way to get rid of the fog / trails in the air that appears when you kill hiss infected??
  2. RalphJordanWilliams
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    <tweakable type="int" name="PlayerProperties:Ability points spent for 2 character slots" value="15"/>
    <tweakable type="int" name="PlayerProperties:Ability points spent for 3 character slots" value="30"/>
    <tweakable type="int" name="PlayerProperties:Ability points spent for secondary weapon" value="3"/>

    Looks like you can edit these to unlock the second weapon slot and second/third personal mod slots with fewer ability points, but I haven't tested it yet (already have all those unlocked in my current save).
    1. SaiteK1911
      • member
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      where do you find the tweak values? found any for physics or physx yet?
  3. ilikedetectives
    • member
    • 147 posts
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    Thank you for this awesome mod. I'm looking to enhance the current photo mode in the game by letting players activate it during cutscenes, I've looked everywhere in relation to the camera but no luck. Would you please let me know if this is possible with tweakables? Thank you in advance.