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Allows the game to load unpacked, loose files from outside game archives.

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Loose Files Loader

This framework mod enables the game to load unpacked, loose files from outside game archives.

This means you can now modify and replace any file in the game, including textures, fonts, UI, game data etc.

NOTE: The Loose Files Loader will not do anything on its own, you will need mods that supply loose files to make use of it!


Place the single dll in your Control installation directory (where Control.exe resides), then launch Control as per normal.

Log files are saved at: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Remedy\Control\LooseFilesLoader.log. Logs will only be created if the containing folder exists. Please attach your logfiles if you experience any issues.


Q: What are loose files?
A: Loose files refer to individual game files that are not packed into a game archive. Loose files are easy to distribute and modify, unlike game archives, which are multi-gigabyte files containing thousands of game files. You can think of a game archive as a ZIP file and a loose file being a single file inside the ZIP file.

Info for Modders

To unpack Control's game archives, you can use the Northlight Tool (external site).

Please note: The Northlight Tool currently does not correctly recreate the directory structure for all files. To find out the true path of an extracted file, search for the filename in the corresponding *.packmeta file. True paths must be used when loading the loose files with the Loose Files Loader.

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