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A mod that modifies several aspects of how physics are handled in-game.

Permissions and credits
Better PhysX:

* Shield now picks up more loose items from environment  (20.5%)
* Life time of spawned objects (for shield) increased indefinitely (90%)
* Dead enemies and creatures stay on the ground forever. (50 bodies max)
* Enabled Collisions Between Insignificant destroyed Chunks. (PhysX Collisions)
* PhysX particles has gotten a 50% increase and 5% longer life time.  (applies only rocks) (Not Splinters, papers, sparks)
* Max Active Rigid Bodies has gotten a 80% increase. (more destroyed objects can coexist without diminishing previous broken item)


                                                                                               Video Showcase amount of debris.

how to install:
Step 1: First install registrator2000's Loose Files Loader.
Step 2: Download my mod and unzip it.
Step 3: Place the "globaldb" folder inside the "data" folder located in Control installation directory. (should look like this: C:\YourPC\CONTROL\Control\data\globaldb)



* Bodies can get stuck in walls, floor or objects

* Throw ability can get stuck trying to pick up a dead body that is stuck. just release the ability button.
* Hiss Distorted Agents that blows up when close to you, will continue to blow up if you throw them multiple times.

* General game stability may vary.

all credit goes to
registrator2000 for the values he listed and the "loose file loader". i just made my personal tweaks and released it. 
Thank you.