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This ( ability / mod ) allows you to switch between all Service Weapon forms without having to pause the game to change your loadout.

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Service Weapon Hotkeys

This <ability / mod> allows you to switch between all Service Weapon forms without having to pause the game to change your loadout.

In the base game, you are limited to two equip slots. Switching to a Service Weapon form that is not equipped has no in-game cost, but requires pausing the game and entering menus to change your loadout, which can severely interrupt the flow of the game.

There are six awesome Service Weapon forms available to Jesse - no sense in limiting yourself to just two during gameplay!

This mod requires the Control Plugin Loader.


On keyboard:
The number keys 1-6 will switch between all six Service Weapon forms.

On gamepad:
[D-Pad Left] and [D-Pad Right] can be used to switch between Service Weapon forms.
Up to three weapons of your choice can be assigned to each D-Pad direction button.


1. Install the prerequisite: Control Plugin Loader.

2. Extract WeaponSwitch.dll and WeaponSwitch.ini into the following folder: <Control Installation Directory>\plugins. Create the plugins folder if it does not exist.

3. Launch the game.


In the configuration file, you can specify the weapons assigned to each key or D-Pad direction button. Weapon assignments can be changed while the game is running, a restart is not required.

Open WeaponSwitch.ini in a text editor such as Notepad to configure settings.

Valid weapons names are as follows: Grip, Shatter, Spin, Pierce, Charge, Surge.

On keyboard:
Under the [KeyboardConfig] section, you can assign the weapons of your choice to each number key.

Weapon1 = Grip
Weapon2 = Shatter
Weapon3 = Spin
Weapon4 = Pierce
Weapon5 = Charge
Weapon6 = Surge

With the above config, the number key 1 will activate Grip, 3 will activate Spin, etc.

On gamepad:
Under the [GamepadConfig] section, you can assign the weapons of your choice to each D-Pad direction.

DPadLeft1 = Grip
DPadLeft2 = Charge
DPadRight1 = Shatter
DPadRight2 = Pierce
DPadRight3 = Spin

With the above configuration:
Pressing [D-Pad Left] once will switch to Grip. Pressing it twice will switch to Charge.
Pressing [D-Pad Right] once will switch to Shatter. Pressing it three times will switch to Spin.
Note: It is not necessary to fill up all assignments, you can assign just one weapon to each D-Pad direction if you wish.

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