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Custom made playable undead races based on a mixture of Libris Mortis and Homebrew.

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VERSION 3 UPDATE: Prepare to enter...


- The main feature of the version three update is the addition of SKELETONS, all 4 subraces now have a body 3 and 4 option that allows you play as a skeleton, with various heads for you to choose from. I have also included some much needed changes to the Lich phylactery system, because of this DO NOT UPDATE MID SAVE IF YOU ARE PLAYING AS A LICH.

- Body 3 is a standard regular bone coloured skeleton, while Body 4 is a special skeleton that can be coloured using the horn colour options, because of this Padme's CC Race patches are REQUIRED or you will not have access to horn colours on the undead. There is currently no skeleton option for guardians as I ran into some issues.

- There is a caveat with the body 4 coloured skeleton due to shader limitation, it is lacking the vert cut feature. This is what allows the game to remove body parts when certain armours and clothings are equipped, so that they don't clip through the models. Because of this there may be some very minor clipping on some outfits, I have done everything I can to minimize this.

- I have also included manual edits to many vanilla armours and clothing to add double sided textures to models, so that you can't see through the inside of your skeleton's outfit. Because of this, this mod is currently incompatible with other mods that add on to vanilla armour/clothing root templates, most notably Labotor's
Satyr's and Johauna's Half-Dragon. This is only likely to cause an issue if you're doing a multi-tav or multi player run, I would like to make a patch for this, but it is a lot of tedious work.


- This will (hopefully) be the last change I make to the Lich phylactery system. Your Phylactery is now chosen in the initial CC screen, each option gives you the corresponding summoning spell. The Phylactery is now added directly to your inventory after summoning, no need to mess with a bag (it seems this was causing many players to unintentionally lose their phylactery)

- Lich spells/buffs are no longer bound directly to your phylactery, they should now just be added directly to your character with no need to move around a little first due to game limitations, the spells are once again added after you take a couple steps, they will also unfortunately vanish on loading your save but will return once you move again. The Phylactery now only removes/prevents the separation debuff. The buffs and spells you receive are unchanged.

- Phylacteries can now be resummoned by respec-ing your tav once again, this also allows you to swap phylactery/spell set whenever you like. Respec-ing wont remove your previous phylactery however so feel free to toss it around or something.


- The primary feature of the version two update is a reworked Phylactery system! Phylacteries are now well and truly a one time summon, they won't de-spawn and you cannot swap them for another, do your best to not lose them. The spell selectors at levels 3, 6, and 9, have been replaced entirely, now each phylactery rewards a set of 4 spells that you will gradually unlock as you level.

These spells are in the theme of the Phylactery that you pick and run off a new action resource called 'Profane Knowledge Slots', they can be upcast at the expense of an extra action resource, please see the Lich section of the description for a more indepth dive! (Big thank you to user skystalker86 for their excellent feedback that helped inspire this update!)

- There is a selection of new heads for you to choose from, including a skull with decorated variants, 2 fresher looking heads for people who are turned off by the nasty ghoulies, and a refit of Urvir from my Customization Compendium, the original catalyst for this mod.

- There are now equippable mummy bandages that you can find in the tutorial chest (I recommend the tutorial chest summoning mod) these go in the underwear slot and will allow you to put mummy bandages on any of your undead, they are also fully dyeable! They can be used to overlay the vanilla mummy wrappings if you wish to recolour them, there shouldn't be any clipping (hopefully)

- Ghouls can now consume an assortment of generic body parts and bones that you can find throughout the game, they will provide you healing based on the size and type of item. Bones will provide the least healing (1d4) small body parts will provide moderate healing (2d4) and large body parts will provide a considerable boost (3d4)


Welcome, welcome! If you seek Tav's most foul then you have come to the right place, for this mod contains only the grim and the grotesque.

GHASTLY GHOULS is a custom race mod focusing solely on playable Undead races, it currently contains 4 Unique subraces constructed from a mixture of Libris Mortis (3.5e) and Homebrew ideas! Each race comes with their own body textures and unique heads that range from 'Died a Tenday ago' to  'Ancient Undead of your dreams Nightmares'!


This mod comes with a current total of 4 Subraces; Lich, Ghoul, Wight, and Mummy. Some are intended for specific playstyles, while others are free for you to interpret. Each comes with some unique visuals to set them apart from the other.


All the subraces in this mod make use of the vanilla undead tag, though this unfortunately offers nothing in the way of Dialogue, it does offer a unique change in the way that many spells function! You will find your Tav immune to certain spells, the most major ones being the majority of healing spells. You will also find your Tav more vulnerable to some spells, and even effected by Turn Undead! Basically, anything you can or cannot use on a vanilla Undead creature will function the same for your Tav!


To allow for optimal roleplaying, when creating your undead you will be asked to pick 2 passives, these passives will give you the relevant dialogue tags for certain vanilla races! It is intended for you to pick a vanilla race and home tag but you can of course pick whatever you feel like, or none at all! These give you no benefits and only supply dialogue options.


This race mod comes with a large assortment of custom heads that embrace the undead theme, gnashing teeth, rotten skin, exposed bones! Each subrace has a wonderfully skeletal body, with unique textures and extra little features, such as Liches with glowing chests and Mummies with their bandages!

NEW: You can now play as a Skeleton for all 4 of the subraces!

(For Mod Authors: This race uses the Githyanki Male and Female Body Types/Armatures, and for now these are the only bodies this race will support)

At the time of release, this mod comes with a grand total of 58 head presets, 29 for both body types.


Each race comes with its own progression table all with their own abilities and, in some cases, weird little quirks or gimmicks that relate to their undead nature. Ghouls can eat corpses, Liches are bound to their Phylacteries, Mummies can remove their organs and place them in Canopic jars, and Wights can raise another Half-Wight!


Baldurian Tag Removal - When this mod is used in conjunction with NellsRelo's
Tag Framework all Undead Tav's will no longer suffer from the forced Baldurian background tag, this means that you can truly pick whichever tags you want for your Tav instead of being forced to be from Baldur's Gate!

Community Framework Disguise Spell - This mod will also add custom disguise options of the undead subraces to the vanilla disguise spell, and when used in conjunction with NellsRelo's
Compatibility Framework, it will combine these changes made with any other mods that use the framework and adjust the disguise spell.

Undead Guardians - Support for all 4 of the subraces for your Dream Guardian! You dream of Undead? I won't judge 😉


These passives apply to all subraces.


Passive Toggle:

Illithid Disguise - Your tadpole creates an illusion that causes others to not view you as undead - you can toggle this passive to 'enable' the disguise so that you can see it too.

This passive is just for roleplay purposes and attempts to explain away why NPCs do not care that you're a walking corpse, it is a free disguise spell that you can use if you want to go the extra mile and fully conceal your undead identity, but otherwise you are free to ignore this passive.

Level 1 Passives:

Undead Resistance - All undead are immune to Poison damage, resistant to Necrotic damage, and vulnerable to Radiant damage.

Decayed Constitution - When you are inflicted with a Poison status, you are healed for 1d10 and become immune to Poison Statuses for 5 turns as of 1.11, immunity now lasts for 1 turn, so you can heal more!

Level 5 Passive

Turn Resistance - All Undead gain Advantage on saving throws against being turned.

Level 10 Passives

Undead Fortitude - Once per long rest you can survive a killing blow with 1 hit point, as long as the attack isn't Radiant or a Critical hit


Ghouls are savage creatures that fight tooth and claw, feeding off carrion to sustain themselves. A Ghoul can be created when a person has consumed humanoid flesh in their living life, or from disease spread by the bite of another Ghoul.


NEW - Ghouls can now consume an assortment of bones and body parts that you find throughout the game for a heal.
Bones and very small items will provide 1d4 healing. Small body parts like Hands and Feet will provide 2d4 healing. Larger body parts like Arms, Legs, and Torsos will provide 3d4 healing.

Level 1 Abilities:

Savage Claws  - Attack with your claws - 1d4 Slashing (+Str Modifier) + 1d4 Necrotic - Once per Combat - Action
Savage Bite - Attack with your teeth - 1d4 Piercing (+Str Modifier) + 1d4 Poison - Once per Combat - Action

Level 3 Ability:

Devour - Consume the body of a fallen enemy to heal yourself - 1d8 Healing + Player Level - Once per Short Rest - Bonus Action

NEW - Heightened Hunger - Killing an enemy with your Claw or Bite will grant you a free cast of Devour for 1 turn, this has no cooldown - Bonus Action.

Level 6 Abilities:

Savage Claws becomes Paralyzing Claws - 1d6 Slashing (+Str Modifier) + 1d6 Necrotic - 1 Turn Paralysis (Constitution Save)
- Once per Combat - Action

Savage Bite becomes Toxic Bite - 1d6 Piercing (+Str Modifier) + 1d6 Poison - 2 Turn Poisons Status (Constitution Save)
- Once per Combat - Action

Level 9 Ability:

Foul Aura - Inflict Nausea on enemies within 2m - 2 Turns - Once per Long Rest - Bonus Action


Liches are powerful spellcasters who in their living life chose to embrace undeath for a chance at immortality. A Liches purpose for achieving Lichdom can be noble, or purely selfish.


For clarification, this version of playable Lichdom is VERY homebrewed in an attempt to make it fit with the narrative of the game, and make it not seem so ridiculous that a Lich could be caught and tadpoled. I understand this might not be to everyone's taste, but it is not my intention to hand out incredibly OP options for people to play as.

In this instance the Lich you play as is intended to have only recently achieved Lichdom, and was caught in a vulnerable state where the addition of a magically altered Tadpole could interfere with the development of your Lichdom, leaving you in a rather weird position where you are far more bound to your phylactery than you should be, and the growth of your necrotic power is much slower (at least until you can get that Tadpole removed!)

At the end of the day this is of course only guidance and suggestion, you are free to RP your Lich character however you feel fits with the narrative of the story! If you feel they are too weak, then you can choose to pair this with other mods that will make you more powerful.


Phylactery Bound - without your Phylactery on your person you will suffer the Phylactery Separation debuff, this renders you vulnerable to all statuses that your undead state doesn't grant you resistance to, you must keep your Phylactery on your person to prevent this from happening! Try not to lose it, and make sure your friends keep their fingers out your pockets!

Arcane Levitation - Only silly mortals walk! Liches will gracefully float instead of walk and climb (this is only out side of combat due to lack of floating combat animations) Your movement speed cannot be reduced by Difficult Terrain however you are not immune to surface effects.

Level 1 Ability:

Conjure Phylactery - You must call your Phylactery to your side to prevent yourself from suffering from the Phylactery Separation debuff. Your Phylactery is now chosen in the initial CC screen, you will be given a matching spell to summon it once you start your game. If you lose your Phylactery, you can resummon it by respec-ing your character with Withers (he is judging you for losing it though)

You have the choice of 5 Phylacteries themed around elements:

Silver Phylactery - Cold
Obsidian Phylactery - Fire
Crystal Phylactery - Lightning
Amethyst Phylactery - Thunder
Ebony Phylactery - Necrotic

Each phylactery will eventually unlock a set of themed spells for you to utilize, these spells use a custom spell slot known as 'Profane Knowledge Slots', these refresh on short rest, and you will acquire one at level 3, 6, 9, and 12, for a total of 4 slots.

You will unlock each spell at the same levels that you acquire new slots (3, 6, 9, and 12) higher level spells will increase in slot cost - Level 3 spell costs 1 slot, Level 6 spell costs 2 slots, Level 9 spell costs 3 slots, and the level 12 spell costs 4 slots.

The lower level spells can be upcast at the costs of an additional slot to a max of four slots - The level 3 spell can be upcast 3 times, the level 6 two times, and the level 9 once. The level 12 spell cannot be upcast.

I have tried to get the vanilla spells to all be of similar levels, in some cases some elemental types where missing a spell of a matching level, so I have used a lower level spell and taken the stats of an upcasted version to balance it out (Ice Knife, Thunderwave, Witchbolt). These are all vanilla spells barring a necrotic variant of Flame Strike (I felt the radiant damage was not thematic to a lich) and Conjure Storm, which is an entirely custom spell as there was no high level thunder spell to use.

When you reach Level 7, your Phylactery will begin to provide you resistance to the element they represent, or immunity in the case of the Necrotic Phylactery. Each Phylactery has it's own unique icons and matching visuals to make them feel more special.

Spell sets are written out under the spoiler, or you can check the image charts below.

Silver Phylactery:

Level 3 - Ice Knife - 1 Profane Knowledge Slot - Can be upcast 3 times

Level 6 - Ice Storm - 2 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 2 times

Level 9 - Cone of Cold - 3 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 1 time

Level 12 - Wall of Ice - 4 Profane Knowledge Slots - Cannot be upcast

Obsidian Phylactery:

Level 3 - Scorching Ray - 1 Profane Knowledge Slot - Can be upcast 3 times

Level 6 - Fireball - 2 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 2 times

Level 9 - Wall of Fire - 3 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 1 time

Level 12 - Flame Strike - 4 Profane Knowledge Slots - Cannot be upcast
Semi-Custom, same stats as the vanilla Flame Strike however the Radiant damage has been swapped for Necrotic, it also has custom VFX to match.

Crystal Phylactery:

Level 3 - Witch Bolt - 1 Profane Knowledge Slot - Can be upcast 3 times

Level 6 - Call Lightning - 2 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 2 times

Level 9 - Lightning Bolt - 3 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 1 time

Level 12 - Chain Lightning - 4 Profane Knowledge Slots - Cannot be upcast

Amethyst Phylactery:

Level 3 - Thunderwave - 1 Profane Knowledge Slot - Can be upcast 3 times

Level 6 - Shatter - 2 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 2 times

Level 9 - Destructive Wave: Necrotic - 3 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 1 time

Level 12 - Conjure Storm - 4 Profane Knowledge Slots - Cannot be upcast
Fully custom spell - 6m AoE - Area is difficult terrain and blinds entities inside of it - Entities that start their turn in the storm take 3d6 thunder damage - Entities that end their turn in the storm and do not pass a strength saving throw will take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone for 1 turn.

Ebony Phylactery:

Level 3 - Inflict Wounds - 1 Profane Knowledge Slot - Can be upcast 3 times

Level 6 - Vampiric Touch - 2 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 2 times

Level 9 - Blight - 3 Profane Knowledge Slots - Can be upcast 1 time

Level 12 - Dethrone - 4 Profane Knowledge Slots - Cannot be upcast
(A sneaky little spell that can only be acquired from a scroll of which only 2 exist? Don't mind if I do)

Level 4 Ability:

Death's Touch - Use the unnatural cold of your undead body to harm enemies, potentially inflicting the Death Touched status for 2 turns
- 2d6 Necrotic + 1d6 Cold - Death Touched for 2 turns (Constitution Save) - Once per Short Rest - Action

Death Touched - Target becomes Resistant to Fire but Vulnerable to Cold, their movement speed is also reduced by 3m

Level 7 Ability:

Life Siphon - Drain Life force from both living and undead, and heal yourself for damage dealt - 2d6 Necrotic
- 5m - Constitution Save - On save Undead take half damage, living take no damage, you are still healed for damage dealt - Once per Long Rest - Action


Wights are vicious and cruel undead with a penchant for destruction, the thrive from the suffering of the living. A Wight can be formed when a person who lived a vile murderous existence dies, or through being the unfortunate victim of another Wight.



Level 1:

Bloodlust - Killing an enemy that is marked by your Marked for Death ability will earn you 2 turns of the Bloodlust status, this applies an extra 1d4 to your attack rolls. While Bloodlust is active, you can temporarily extend it by using your other Wight racial abilities.

Raising a Half-Wight and using your Energy Drain, while Bloodlust is active will grant you a further 2 turns.

Level 7:
Contagious Undeath - Once per long rest, when you kill an enemy, you are able to raise them or another corpse as a Half-Wight (Zombie) to fight by your side.

Level 1 Ability:
Marked for Death - Target an enemy and mark them for death for 3 turns, your target may be inflicted with fear for 2 turns (Wisdom save), and your attacks against the target deal an extra 1d6 Necrotic Damage, felling a marked target will grant you 2 turns of Bloodlust
- 18m - Costs 1 Marked For Death charge - Bonus Action

Additional Marked for Death charges are acquired at level 4 and 7, for a total of 3 charges. These charges refresh on long rest.

Level 4 Ability:
Energy Drain - Drain the life force of a living target and gain 12 temporary hit points, draining an enemies energy while you have the Bloodlust status will grant you an extra 2 turns of Bloodlust - 3d6 Necrotic Damage - Constitution Save
- On save enemies take half damage but you still receive 12 temporary hit points - Once per Short Rest - Action

Level 10 Ability:
Aura of Slaughter - Make nearby foes Vulnerable to Slashing damage, unless they already have existing resistance to it, if you activate this aura while you have the Bloodlust status, you gain an additional 3m movement speed - 3m - Once per Long Rest - Action


Mummies are undead guardians often tasked with protecting ancient tombs and temples, fighting off grave robbers and those who would desecrate sacred sites. Becoming a Mummy can be considered a position of honour in death, or a punishment for your transgressions in life.



Level 1:
Sacred Wrappings - Your bandages are a permanent part of your body and cannot be removed. They grant you a natural AC of 13 + you Dex modifier when you are not wearing armour.

Level 5 & 10:
Canopic Ritual - You may choose 1 of 4 passives that grant you a spell to remove an organ and place it within a canopic jar. This Canopic Jar is then added to your inventory for you to do as you please, and you will be granted the associated passive!

Stomach - Short Rests will now fully heal you.

Lungs - You can no longer be effected by Silence

Intestines - Immune to Curse and Disease (This means any status that falls under the SG_Cursed and SG_Diseased status groups)

Liver - Immune to Charm and Frighten (This means any status that falls under SG_Charmed and SG_Frightened) You also cannot get drunk.

Level 4 Ability:
Mummy Rot - Curse your target with Mummy Rot. They cannot heal and will take 1d6 Necrotic damage at the start of each turn - If the Target dies while inflicted with Mummy Rot you may curse another target once per short rest - 5 Turns - Concentration - Short Rest - Action

At level 9 the amount of targets increases to 2, and at level 12 it increases again to 3.

Level 7 Ability:
Aura of Despair - Your very presence fills your enemies with despair - Enemies within 3m suffer a disadvantage on Attack Rolls and Saving Throws - Does not effect enemies that are immune to Frightened - 3 Turns - Long Rest - Action

I recommend installing the mod with BG3MM, I cannot provide support for Vortex installations as I do not use Vortex.
Drag into your active mods, make sure any patch files you install are loaded AFTER the main mod.

Make sure that you have all the following Hard Requirements for the mod to function:

Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer
Improved UI Core File and Assets File
Trips' Old Shader Pack

The following files are Soft Requirements, the mod will work without them however you will be missing intended features!

 For removing the forced Baldurian tag you will needTag Framework
To play as a Tiefling Undead you will needHalf Tiefs and Patches for CC Mods (Grab the CC Races.lsx patch and the Half Tiefs Tail patch, you can also grab the horns of faerun patch which includes this mod)

There may be some very minor clipping on the legs of some armours with the bandages on the Mummy bodies, if it proves to be enough of an issue I will attempt to properly fix, but please be aware that I cannot test every outfit.

Liches currently do not support body tattoos and are also lacking Vitiligo and Freckles on their bodies, this is due to the body shader I used for the glowing chest, there is no other alternative that supports glowing and Vitiligo/Freckles so there is currently no solution for this.

Some of the kiss animations might look a little funny with the toothier/skull heads, not much I can do about this! Consequence of being a floating skull.

Currently, the Undead Subrace disguise options are working just fine however they are lacking the appropriate portraits (currently appears as Drow) I do not know how to fix this, but once I find a solution it will be done.

The Undead Origin Selector currently does not work if using Controller in the CC, you will need to swap to Keyboard and Mouse to finish the CC and swap back to controller, this is being looked at by the Improved UI team and should hopefully be fixed soon.

Loose Data Files:
If you are familiar with Unique Tav you will be quite familiar with this. This file contains loose files that you can replace with your own textures to customize your undead Tav just a little bit more, think of it as having a mini Unique Tav built into the mod. This file contains the body textures for each subrace, as well as the custom Makeup and Tattoo atlas file that you can replace, and blank body tattoo atlases if you wish to give your Tav a body tattoo. Unfortunately due to the shader used for the Liches glow, they cannot have body tattoos.

Eyes of the Beholder Patch:
Load this after the main race file, allows the heads to make use of Eyes of the Beholder presets, make sure Eyes of the Beholder is loaded before this mod.

I have included a couple of mod patches for you to enjoy, they of course will require their original mod to work, all patches are made with permission of the original authors where needed. Please note the hair mods I can patch are limited as they need to be compatible with Githyanki bodies 1 and 2.

Silver's Hair Pack 1 and Pack 2 by silversorceress

Dreadlocs and Curly Hairstyles Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Bububull

Hairstyles from the Continent by Bububull

Bububull's Hair Pack 01 by Bububull

Please note as the mods below add horns you will need to get Padme's CC patches or you will not have access to horn colours and will not be able to remove horns once added

Ghouls Customization Compendium by me :)

Some New horns by PseudoKociara 

Glitzy Horns by Volno

Kylin's Horns by kylin3

Mods with built in support/patches for Undead:

Ghouls Simple Braid and Ponytail

EmeraldTechno's Long Flowery Hair and Short Flowery Hair

Perseidipity's Icon and Race Patches for Tav's Hair Salon

Jerinski's Alt Hairs

CommanderStrawberry's Spooky Outfits - Comes with Githyanki Body 1 support for Undead!

Mods used in screenshots and also highly recommended:
By Astralities: Fantasy Skintone Expansion, Demon Eyes, Hair Color Overhaul
By Aurebuen: New Eye Colours
By Antemaxx: Basket Full of Equipment
By Jerinski: Gothyanki Gear
By Padme: P4 Bangs Bangs Everywhere
By Perseidipity: Kay's Hair Extensions

A very special thank you to commanderstrawberrylabotorRandoRuda, Padme4000, and Tripsadin for their help with troubleshooting and feedback during this mods creation!
Thank you to Tripsadin for the Old Shader Pack
Another thank you to labotor for creating the basis of the Ghoul Devour spell, and for creating the Ghoul and Ghast head eye presets!
Thank you to astralities for allowing me to use the claw animations from their own Tiefling Compendium, which I highly reccomend!
Thank you to StarEMC2 for their UUID Database resource which made finding suitable VFX parts for my spells so much easier!
Thank you to necromanzee for troubleshooting and fixing a bug in ImprovedUI that was crucial for my Mummy subrace, and also for playtesting and checking my loca files for grammatical mistakes!