7 Days To Die

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Adds 50 new perks in an extra tab to spend your skill points on. Hotfixed for A21. A19 and A20 version available. German and Japanese localization provided.

Permissions and credits
  • This mod features 50 new perks with 5 or 10 levels each.
  •  You can find them in a new tab, next to the other attributes, called "prestige".
  •  All of them should work so far and i've tried to design them reasonably.
  •  Designed for higher difficulties, might get too easy otherwise

The mod provides a localization for the following languages:
  • German -> provided by me
  • English -> set up by me with improvements by ztensity
  • Japanese -> provided by Geniti

The perks are intended as a late game skillpoint dump for additional effects.You can choose between an unlocked version and a version with a level lock of 150. If you think any of those are unbalanced let me know, although I've tested them intensely and think they're okay how they're right now. Depending on how you set up your game there might still be some balancing issues though.

The perks work with diminishing returns like known prestige systems in other games. In the current version diminishing returns happen in a five step pattern for the ones with a max of 10 points. The first 5 points of each perk will mostly give you up to 2/3 of the total bonus, while the last 5 will only give you around 1/3 in most cases. The diminishing returns for the 5 level ones apply for every point you spent in them.

You'll find a table containing the skills effects at max rank in the pictures.


If you're uninstalling or updating the file and want to use your old save, use the forgetting elixir to get back your points! I will mention it in a sticky in the comments section if you don't need to use it for an update. Serverside and clientside install is needed to work as intended, if you want to host a multiplayer game. As of now it should be safe to add and delete this mod mid-game. If you're deleting it, just make sure to reclaim you spent skill points first, or else they're gone.

Optional modlets for higher max level, xp or skill points below.

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