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Jerky! Jerky for everyone!!

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Dragon jerky anyone?

This mod expands the list of recipes in Hunterborn that allow you to dry and salt meats at the cooking pot. An additional 20 raw meats added by Hunterborn can now be turned into jerky!

The mod comes in two 'flavors' to choose from. You can either opt to have your recipes always visible in the crafting menu, or only visible if you have the required ingredients.


This mod is an expansion of Hunterborn, and therefore requires that it is installed.
Skyrim will crash to desktop before reaching the main menu if you install this mod without Hunterborn.

This mod was written for version 1.4.4, of Hunterborn but should work with all previous and future versions. I plan to update this mod as Hunterborn is updated, but iIf 1.4.4 is not the current version of Hunterborn when you read this, check the Posts section of this mod for reports on compatibility.

"Needs" Managers
The mod should be compatible with all "Needs" management mods, but was written specifically with iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep in mind.
If using iNeed you will be asked to classify how perishable each food item is when you first try to eat it. I would recommend setting jerky so that it doesn't go stale at all.

Greatest thanks to unuroboros and dragonsong for Hunterborn, and isoku for iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep - Skyrim wouldn't feel as real as it does without the work you guys have put in!

This mod should be considered a modder's resource - do with it what you will EXCEPT uploading it without substantial modification (to the Nexus or anywhere else). It's just not cool.

What IS cool is seeing the stuff you're inspired to do with this mod, so if you find it useful, or it helps you out, please let me know in the Posts section!