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Added: 06/12/2013 - 07:34PM
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Last updated at 19:12, 27 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 19:34, 6 Dec 2013

Adds new Horker weapons and a shield to the game, craftable at forge (misc), leveled list.

Main Mod:
Regular Edition = without Crossbow, no requirements
Dawnguard Edition = crossbow included, DG DLC required


Main Mod:
Adds 2 variations to the forge (both category: misc), variation I dmg based on IRON weapons and II based on DAEDRIC. Bandits/Forsworn use variation I.

Optional ESP File:
Contains several optional .esp files, one variation craftable at forge (category: misc). Damage values based on STEEL, DWARVEN, ORCISH, ELVEN, GLASS, EBONY or DAEDRIC weapons, pick the .esp you prefer. Bandits/Forsworn use an own version (Battererd Horker Weapons based on IRON dmg values)

Install Main Mod first, download optional file, open archive, open folder of the desired dmg category and unpack Ghosu-Horker Weapon Pack.esp to ...|Skyrim|data|... to replace the original .esp. YOU HAVE TO UNPACK/REPLACE THE .ESP FILE ONLY, NOT THE WHOLE FOLDER.

Atm there are only optional .esp files for Dawnguard Edition, Regular Edition might follow...


All weapons are made of vanilla weapon parts, clutter items and textures, so it works with default low resolution vanilla textures as well.
BUT i would HIGHLY (!!!) recommend to use HD textures (mod or official 2k pack) to improve texture quality.

I'm using:
Weapon Textures:
Horker Tusk Texture:

This is a little fun project, like my Helmet Mod - not focused on high quality textures since all items are made of original items to make them feel vanilla. Check out my Ghosu - Weapon Pack for "better" stuff made from scratch.

Unpack the archive content to ...Skyrim|data|

Folder structure should be:
...Skyrim|data|meshes|weapons|Ghosu - Horker| NIF FILES
...Skyrim|data|textures|weapons|Ghosu - Horker| DDS FILES
...Skyrim|data| Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack.ESP

To uninstall simply remove these files.

A: See comment section sticky.

Why does the Crossbow Edition require DG?
A: Because crossbow mechanics require DG...

Have fun and happy holidays!

New weapons, matching Auriel's Bow:


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