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Last updated at 20:20, 26 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 21:51, 23 Feb 2014

  • Snow gathering now also works by clicking on an empty waterskin.
  • Fixed issue with auto-drinking when food spoilage was enabled.
  • Made a few other minor fixes and adjustments.
  • Snow collection: A portion of 'Snow' can be collected from small snow drifts or mounds using the 'Drink Hotkey'. It can be consumed as is to satisfy thirst but will make you slightly hungrier. 'Snow' can also be melted into empty waterskins at a cooking pot. Don't take too long to make use of it though! 'Snow' will eventually melt and disappear from your inventory. If 'Wet and Cold' is installed, the time it takes to melt depends on your location.
  • Diseases will now be cured 100% of the time through potions of cure disease and priests but will still take time to recede.
  • Spoiling food can no longer be automatically eaten.



Required: Skyrim

Optional: SKSE 1.6.16+
SKSE is only needed for widgets, modification of foods and configuration through SkyUI's MCM. 1.7.2+ is needed for water collection from lakes, rivers and ponds.
Optional: Wet and Cold 1.40+
Food spoilage rates are reduced in the cold and you will be able to find waterskins on traveling NPCs provided that "Mod-Added Items" is enabled under "Survival Gear Options".


A streamlined approach to needs. This mod adjusts to your timescale so by default you should only feel the need to eat and drink 2-3 times a day and sleep once per day provided that you are consuming full meals and getting at least 7 hours of sleep. There are no numbers to be concerned with. Just use a little common sense, follow a schedule and you should hopefully find that the features here are intuitive and have been well integrated into the world. For your convenience, most information here and more in-depth information regarding how the mod works can be found in the MCM. Credits to schlangster for the original inspiration and widget framework.

P.S. If starting a new save, your hunger and thirst levels will be randomized to add a bit of spice to your start.


  • Widget: Three icons that represent your hunger, thirst and fatigue levels can be configured to two different styles and can be displayed anywhere on your screen. Requires SkyUI and SKSE.
  • Sound: Grumbling stomach noises, coughing and yawning will play more frequently as you become more hungry/thirsty/tired. If you are hearing male noises instead of female on new saves, just make a save and restart Skyrim.
  • Text: Messages will appear in the upper left corner detailing your current state. You won't suffer penalties until you are "mildly hungry/thirsty/tired". Disabled by default if SkyUI is installed.

Your Needs

The heavier the food, the more filling it is likely to be. Water and alcohol will quench thirst. Water can be carried in waterskins, which can be crafted at leather racks, purchased from innkeepers or general goods merchants and can sometimes be found on NPCs. They can be refilled through the following methods when empty:

  • Purchased from an innkeeper or from any random traveler with a filled waterskin in their inventory (requires Wet and Cold).
  • Requested from an NPC that you've become friendly with (done quests for) in an interior.
  • Collected from any upright bucket or kettle out in the open when it's raining.
  • Collected from any open wells or a water barrel. Water barrels can be crafted at a forge or bought from general goods merchants. They will never disappear unless disassembled so feel free to construct them in/outside your home or for your favorite NPCs.
  • Collected in the form of snow, at most bodies of water (SKSE 1.7.2+) or the base of waterfalls by using the 'Drink Hotkey' or by clicking on an empty waterskin.

  • Automation: You have the option to hotkey eating and drinking, which will choose the most effective items in your inventory to consume with just one button press and/or simply let the mod automate your eating and drinking while you just keep your inventory stocked.
  • Buffs and Debuffs: You will receive a slight buff for keeping each one of yours needs maintained and three increasing levels of debuffs if you don't. You cannot die from neglecting your needs (unless enabled) and there are no penalties for overeating/overdrinking/oversleeping. Eating raw meat with satiate and damage you by a random amount.
  • Combat Increases Needs: Combat will slightly increase your needs (primarily fatigue) over time.
  • Food Spoilage: Disabled by default. Food will spoil at various rates (with some random variability) over time represented by percentages next to the name of food items in your inventory. Consuming food at X% will provide X% of the food's original value to your needs. Heavier foods tend to spoil faster than lighter foods with the exception of raw meat, which will spoil fastest. Once food reaches 0%, it will become inedible and can no longer be cooked. 100% fresh, raw meats can be preserved with Salt Piles by clicking on the meats in your inventory. Salted raw meats can be safely eaten and will provide some satiation but will also make you more thirsty.
  • Animations: Disabled by default. Eating or drinking animations will play after eating or drinking regardless of whether you are in first or third person. Can be enabled for followers as well if their needs are enabled.
  • Cannibalism: You have the option to enable cannibalism if you or your followers are wood elves or have the Ring of Namira equipped.
  • Dangerous Diseases: Disabled by default. All non-transformative diseases will be more unique, harder to cure and progress through 4 deadlier stages at random intervals. If you do not keep yourself rested, you will receive an additional debuff. Altars do not cure anymore. Instead, you must pay a priest or use a 'Potion of Cure Disease'. When you are cured, diseases will not disappear immediately but will regress over time. A stage 1 or "Mild" disease has a chance of regressing without any action of yours. Requires a separate download under Optional.
  • Alcohol/Skooma: Drinking alcohol 3 times within 120 seconds of each other will produce a stat change and visual impairment effect. Drinking skooma will produce a quick stamina regeneration buff but a longer lasting debuff to magicka and spells.

NPC Needs

  • Meals with Followers: When you sit down and eat enough, followers will also begin eating/drinking with you provided that there is some place to sit nearby. Followers will stop eating after 60 seconds or if you move far enough away. No actual food or drink items are consumed.
  • Follower Needs: Disabled by default. Followers will automatically consume food and drink at regular intervals provided that there is food and drink in their inventories. Followers will gain effects from the food or drink item just like you. Maintaining/neglecting their needs will produce similar buffs and debuffs as yours.
  • Horse Needs: Disabled by default. If you own a horse and are standing in front of it, you will be able to feed it by activating it to give it a slight stamina regeneration buff. There are no penalties for not feeding your horse as it is likely grazing when you are away!

Food in Skyrim

Food found in barrels and sacks have been greatly reduced. Salt stock has been increased across the board. All foods and drinks have their prices increased. Their weights have also been increased and set to certain values to give you an idea of how satiating an item will be. Price and weight changes are disabled by default and require SKSE to enable.

Werewolves and Vampires

Vampires will not need food or water and will fatigue much less slowly. However, they will also recover that much more slowly when sleeping. Werewolves receive temporary immunity to fatigue while in beast form but will feel more fatigued after reverting back. They can also feed to lower thirst and hunger.

Recommended Mods:


Manual installers drop the files into your Data folder. NMM/BAIN: download the main file and add to your respective programs.


Remove all files from the previous version and install the new version.


Disable the mod in-game, save then remove all installed files.


schlangster for the original inspiration behind the mod and the widgets.
psychosteve for the icons used for the widgets.
TreasureChest, DVAted, Tumbajamba for the waterskin from their Sabre Gear Backpack.
perseid9 for the salt water coordinates.
starfis for help with Czech localization.
Battousai124 for help with German localization.
aloot for help with Italian, French and Spanish localization.
Trueno33 for help with Spanish localization.
Hunger, thirst, fatigue sound effects are from FWE. More specifically from Primary Needs by K.Schenk and FritZ_FretZ.
Water Pouring by Iwan Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License.