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Main menu will dynamically change based on player progression.

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Pretty self-explanatory. Main menu will change based on whether you're playing the base game, Hearts of Stone, or Blood and Wine. The BaW menu will also be used if you're playing a custom quest that takes place in Toussaint (currently only A Night To Remember´╗┐, as the Toussaint Extended Project quests do not actually have a defined region).

Changes are detected upon loading a savegame or tracking a new quest. So even if you load a save, then exit without saving, the menu will be updated. The way this works is by setting a hidden XML variable to the current menu type. You can change it manually by opening Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings and finding the following:

Change the value of menu to:
0 - base game
1 - HoS
2 - BaW

If you use Friendly Hud, its main menu setting will be ignored.

Drop the folders into your main Witcher 3 directory, then run Script Merger.

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