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Automatically applies cat potion FX upon entry of "dark places" (with configurable intensity and night mode)

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Geralt's vision will now automatically adjust when you walk into a dark place (or just walk outside at night), no cat potion or hotkey required. Effect can be disabled and adjusted in-game. For immersion, you could set the intensity to 50%, so Geralt will be able to see better in dark places, but drinking a cat potion will still enhance his vision further (100% intensity unless you have another mod). And yes, drinking a cat potion will override the effect, it will not break.

I am aware that a similar mod already exists, but the author says it is broken, and does not always remove the effect. My mod works differently and should account for most cases, but I haven't done thorough testing. I have tested the troll cave where you meet Thaler (which was causing issues in the previously mentioned mod, as the effect would not go away after exiting the cave), and everything works as it should. Also, as previously mentioned, this mod is configurable.

Note: If it's not activating, that probably means you are not within a "dark place" according to the game. Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done about that (as far as I know), unless the "dark place" zones can be edited.

Just move the "Mods" and "bin" folders into your main Witcher 3 directory. You will most likely have to merge 
Make sure you go into the settings (Options->Mods->Natural Cat Vision) and enable the mod, as it will be disabled and have an intensity of 0 by default.

To use the hotkey that toggles the mod on/off, copy IK_NumPad0=(Action=ncvKey) to Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings under every category you wish to use it in, so those would be-

You can replace NumPad0 with any key you like.

Update 1.1:
-Taking an actual cat potion will override this mod (for real this time)
-Added night mode, can be disabled in settings and also has separate intensity slider. Effect will not be active when Geralt goes into an interior, even during the night. Going into a dark place at night will use the default intensity, not night mode intensity.

Update 1.2:
-Added Russian localization and w3strings files for all languages (they are in English though)

Update 1.3:
-Added hotkey for toggling the mod on/off (optional), some optimizations

Update 1.4:
-Added option to disable effect during cutscenes/dialogue, fixed localization files

Update 1.5:
-Added option to set custom night hours and recommended settings preset