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Now you only have to be near a signpost to be able to fast travel, no need to get off Roach and actually interact with it. Just open your map while near one and select your destination.

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Based on this request from GryphonSky. Pretty straightforward mod, makes it so that you can fast travel from your map as long as you're near a signpost. To be more specific, you have to be within a radius of 5 meters (at least I'm assuming they're meters) from the nearest sign. I found this to be the ideal distance. This also means you don't have to get off Roach in order to fast travel, since normally you can't interact with signposts while on horseback. No more watching Geralt climb off and then running to the signpost, all seamless now.

This obviously won't be compatible with mods like Fast Travel from Anywhere.

Just move the "Mods" folder to your main Witcher 3 directory.