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Hides weapons when you have a cloak or cape equipped and makes them visible when combat starts or you unsheathe them.

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X20T3rMiN4t0R's Hoods mod is great, but there's one problem- the weapons clip through the cloaks (which happen to be my favorite part of the mod). 
To quote his Toggle-able Killing Monsters Cloak (which is a part of Hoods) mod description:

I would like to make a version that desequips/equips the weapons at the same time it equips/removes the cloak. But I have absolutely zero knowledge in scripting, so I'm totally unable to do this myself. If someone wants to help, it would be very nice. :) 

I decided to take up his request, but make it better than simply unequipping/equipping weapons. Your weapons will be "hidden" when they are not being used, but they will still be equipped. Starting combat or manually unsheathing them will make them reappear, and sheathing them (whether automatically or manually) will make them become hidden again. Same thing goes for aiming/shooting the crossbow. Taking off the cloak will also make everything appear as normal. See video demonstration.

Supported items:
-Any items that have the "AHW" tag (currently, the only mods that have cloaks with this tag are Hoods and TKMC main version)
-Items whose names (not localized in-game names, mind you, but the names in the XMLs) contain "Cloak" or "Cape" (so cloaks from More Robes are supported)
-Elven Traveller's Robes from More Robes

-This mod will also temporarily unequip the cloaks/capes when you're in a naked cutscene (such as at a barber or a brothel).

-For modders: If you want AHW to recognize your items as cloaks/capes, just make sure they have the "AHW" tag

-You can (optionally) add a key to toggle visibility on/off. Add IK_NumPad7=(Action=AHWtoggle) under whatever contexts you wish to use it in Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings. You can change NumPad7 to any key you like.
This key doesn't work perfectly with 1.5+, since it depends on the last time you toggled the visibility of everything, not separate items. I decided to keep it in since it somewhat works, but just keep that in mind. You can use if your swords are invisible and you want everything to become visible again.

Just move the "Mods" and "bin" folders to your main Witcher 3 directory. Use Script Merger to solve any conflicts. Make sure to enable the mod in the in-game settings.

If you want to use this with Swords on Roach and/or Crossbow and Torch on Roach and/or Swords and Meditation, make sure you install that mod as well. You can't use my optional file exclusively. AHW will have a higher priority over SoR/CToR/SaM by default, so you don't have to change priorities or merge with SoR/CToR/SaM (though you can if you want to). You must also install the AHW main file.

If you want to use this with Toggle-able Killing Monsters cloak, make sure first you install that mod, then my Auto Hide Weapons main file, then the Auto Hide Weapons for TKMC optional file. The optional file has to be last, and you must use it with my main file.
The optional file is longer necessary. I'd suggest reinstalling Toggleable KM Cloak to get the original back if you used the optional file previously.

However, the optional file for the Geralt Cloak mod IS necessary.
If you want to use this with the cape from Geralt Cloak mod, make sure first you install that mod, then my Auto Hide Weapons main file, then the AHW for Geralt Cloak optional file. The optional file has to be last, and you must use it with my main file.
I'm not going to support Geralt Cloak anymore, it doesn't work well because it's not an item. I won't delete the file, so you can use it while it still works. However, I suggest using a mod that has the same cloak model but actually uses items (More Robes). If you want to toggle the cloak on/off, you can use my Save Equipment Presets mod and save two presets with only Pocket Saving enabled, one without a cloak and one with a cloak.

Update 1.8:
-Spawn check now checks all of your slots for cloaks/capes, not just pockets (this is for ASM)
-Changed cloak/cape detection (see supported items)
-Reworked sword unsheathing detection (yes, again)
-Swords don't lose visual effects such as runes
-Rewrote some of the code, I think I fixed some issues with scabbards and switching swords, but I don't remember at this point

Update 1.7:
-Added KM Pointy Cloak from last Hoods update
-Fixed bolts appearing (finally!)
-Fixed crossbow not disappearing in some situations
-Reworked the way the mod detects if the player has unsheathed a sword (this fixes a bug that was present before where riding past enemies on Roach would make your sword(s) appear, even though you did not unsheathe them)
-Cleaned up some redundant code
-Moved some code around for easier merging with W3EE/Lazarus

Update 1.6:
-Cloaks are now temporarily removed during naked scenes (ex: barber and brothel)
-Improved the way closing menu updates mod status
-Minor change that improves the way AHW works with SEP (cloak being unequipped but not replaced by another item wouldn't activate AHW)
-Added Swords on Roach compatibility (optional file)

Update 1.5:
-Rewrote how the system works from the ground up
-Fixed bolts appearing
-Added support for More Robes (affects cloaks and Elven Traveller's Robes)
-Compatibility file for Save Equipment Presets is no longer needed
-Fixed a lot of bugs
-Added many new options:
  • Show second sword in combat (deselect to only see currently held sword)
  • Show scabbard(s) in combat (if both swords are visible, both scabbards will be visible, if only one sword is visble, only that scabbard will be visible)
  • Show crossbow on back in combat
  • Temporarily unequip cloak in combat (requipped upon exiting combat)
  • Weapon hiding delay (in seconds) (this does not affect the way the weapons fade out/become invisible, simply the delay before that happens)
  • Enable/disable the mod on the fly

Patch 1.4.1:
-Sheathing swords on a controller or by pressing 1/2 when they're already drawn sometimes wouldn't make them go invisible (this happened if you sheathed them instantly after drawing), should now be fixed

Update 1.4:
-Fixed switching cloak for another item not making weapons visible
-Fixed bolts appearing when they shouldn't
-Fixed sheathing/drawing in cutscenes
-Fixed visibility after cutscenes
-Fixed equipping cloak while sheathing
-Added hotkey to toggle visibility
-Optional TKMC file no longer necessary

Update 1.3 (1.1 for optional TKMC file):
-Fixed sheathing on controller
-Fixed taking out second sword
-Fixed toggling KM cloak while sheathing
-Fixed toggling KM cloak while you have a weapon out

-X20T3rMiN4t0R for creating Hoods and TKMC
-menschfeind13, without looking through his scripts I would not have figured out how to make the crossbow invisible by using SetHideInGame() instead of SetVisible() lol
-dkzzzy for being my beta tester and bearing with me

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