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Configurable mod that makes your camera shake in combat like in... *gasp* E3?!

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After multiple requests, I finally got around to making this. In the E3 gameplay demo the camera shakes when you strikes enemies, and this mod replicates that behavior. What people don't realize though, is that there is already a camera shake in vanilla when you strike, it's just very weak. With this mod you can configure both the strength of the effect and in which specific cases you want the shake to happen- successful/blocked attacks, enemy/player attacks, and on dismemberment/finishers.

Shoutout to Crygreg and the other fine gentlemen at the GudMods discord, you can thank them for pushing me to finally make this

1) Even though there is already a weak shake in vanilla, I have disabled it. Initially I would have the game perform vanilla behavior if my mod's options were disabled, but I decided to remove this. My reasoning- if someone disables the option for a certain event to cause a shake, they will expect it not to shake. It's not like the average user is aware that there is already a weak shake in the vanilla scripts.
2) Killing an enemy without dismembering or activating a finisher will not have any shake, even if you have the successful light/heavy attack options enabled.
3) The rend ability's shake has not been modified, as it has its own calculations based on how long you held it down.
4) Performing heavy attacks against wolves is bugged, and only registers every 1/5 times or so. This is not a fault of the mod, nor is there anything I can do about it. I'm also not sure what others NPCs may have this bug.
5) Loading a save without configuring this mod's settings will automatically load the "Recommended" preset.
6) This mod shouldn't be difficult to merge, as the main chunk of logic is in global functions that are simply executed in vanilla scripts.

Drop the "Mods" and "bin" folders into your main Witcher 3 directory, then run Script Merger. Upon launching the game, go into settings and configure the mod. Or don't, it'll do it for you.

Enjoy you E3 coomers

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