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Utility for quickly updating the filelist.txt files for mod menus introduced by the next-gen patch based on the currently installed mod-menus.

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TW3 Menu Filelist Updater

The nextgen version of the game introduced a filelist file the user must update for a menu XML file to appear in game. Since manually editing the files may be cumbersome, this utility can do it for you while still making sure the DX11 file contains only the DX11 files

The executable can be placed in either the Witcher 3 game directory or in the bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc directory. Running the executable (by double clicking it for example) will then cause it to list all the files in the filelists' directory and update them accordingly.

Any other directory than the two listed above won't work.

ASI Loader
Technical explanation: the ASI loader hooks itself to the game and runs all of the .asi libraries in the same directory as the witcher3.exe. ASI libraries are simple .dll files that were renamed to .asi.
If you wish to run the tool automatically every time you launch the game then you can use the ASI loader and the ASI filelist updater library. The tool being pretty fast (benchmarked at at ~500ns per iteration) you won't notice the difference and will always get updated filelists.

  1.  Download the latest Ultimate ASI loader release: direct download link
  2. Download the latest ASI library from the files section
  3. Drop both files dinput8.dll & tw3_menufilelist_updater.asi in The Witcher 3/bin/x64 if you use DX11 and/or The Witcher 3/bin/x64_dx12 if you use DX12

Now confirm it is working by:
  1. Emptying your filelists
  2. Launching the game
  3. Confirming the filelists are full again (if you use the windows notepad you'll have to close the file and open it again)

The source code for the tool can be found at the github repository

If you like the tool and its features, please consider endorsing. Thank you!