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Corrects the location of a few side quest journal entries

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This is a really simple fix that corrects the locations for several side quests in the game that either didn't get a location properly assigned or were mislabeled. This fix is similar in vain to my Velen Treasure Hunt Location fixes but applies to side quests. The standard and blood and wine version should now be unified. Most PC players have Blood and Wine anyway. If you just have the base game and are having issues please let me know.

This mod changes the journal location of the following quests to Velen

 Where the Cat and Wolf Play...(must have appropriate DLC installed)
 Take What You Want(must have appropriate DLC installed)
 Envoy's Wineboys

The following quest have had their journal locations changed to Novigrad

A Barnful of Trouble
Of Dairy and Darkness

The following quests have had their journal locations changed to Kaer Morhen

Berengar's Blade

The following quests have had their journal locations changed to multiple locations

Gwent: Playing Innkeeps
From a Land Far, Far Away

The following quests have had their journal locations changed to Skellige

Battle Preparations

Just so it's clear I am using the official game guide co-authored by several CDPR employees as well as the official wiki to determine what is Velen and what is Novigrad. According to both sources everything north of the Pontar river is the "Novigrad" region so that is what I go by. 

To install  just extract and put into your mods folder or a mod manager.

If you have any bug fix ideas or question please direct them to some of the more experienced modders
here. The only thing I really know how to do is this fix.

If I have missed any quests that are in a different location that where they are labeled in please let me know. I am aware that most of the witcher gear scavenger hunts are labeled wrong and will be looking at those next.

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