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Terraheim is both an overhaul for Valheim's armor system with the goal of making each armor set viable all the way to the end of the game and a weapon expansion that fills the gaps in the games base roster.

Permissions and credits
Terraheim is both an overhaul for Valheim’s armor system with the goal of making each armor set viable all the way to the
end of the game and a weapon expansion that fills the gaps in the games
base roster.
Weapons and Tools
Twelve new weapons and tools have been added with the goal of filling in the gaps in each tier.

Fire, Frost and Lightning bombs have been added as well!

Throwing Weapons
Five new throwing axes have been added as well as Fire, Frost and Lightning bombs!

You can view damage values, moveset information, and recipes here in the Weapons tab.

If you only want the new weapons, you can delete the Terraheim.dll file to disable the armor changes.

Each piece of armor has been given its own unique effect and each armor set its own set bonus while also allowing armor to be 'uptiered,' which increases all of the piece's stats to be usable in the next tier of gameplay.
If you only want the armor changes, you can delete the TerraheimItems.dll file to disable the item additions.

Each armor set has been divided into one of three classes:

Berserkr's have a focus on dodging, axe damage, two handed weapon damage and stamina management.

Bowmen focus on dealing damage via, well bows, as well as daggers and spears. They focus on ammo consumption, backstab bonus, and sneaking. They have the worst armor rating in game.

Shieldbrothers are adept at blocking and have increased health. They can effectively deal damage with all melee weapons, but they are slower than the other classes. They have the highest armor rating in game.

Barbarian Armor
If you have the Barbarian Armor mod installed, it has been fully incorporated into Terraheim. The barbarian armor set provides several bonuses to throwing weapons as well as some interesting tertiary effects like a stacking move speed buff on kill and increased damage against low health targets.

You can view the effects and full values for each set across every tier here!

As you progress through the game, you will be able to reforge armor. This essentially levels the armor up to utilize the new materials you come across. When you do so, the armor set's armor rating increases, and every one of its bonuses becomes more effective.
For example, you can reforge the Bronze Helmet to become an Iron-Reinforced Bronze Helmet by combining a Bronze Helmet, some Iron, and some Deer Hide at the forge. By doing this, it's armor has increased from 15 to 19, and it's bonus(+5% Melee Damage) increases to +7% Melee Damage.
Reforging means that you won't have chests full of out-dated equipment as you can continually have the armor set keep pace with your progression!

The materials required to reforge are the same to craft the armor of that tier, but slightly reduced in amounts.

Utility Items

Currently two utility items have been added, the Aescfell Belt and the Stánbrysan Belt. These items increase your damage dealt to trees and ores/rocks, respectively.

Terraheim is highly customizable as the effectiveness, material costs, and almost every armor stat can be tweaked in the balance.json file. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for weapons as of right now, but I'm working on that.

Bow Balance - To prevent bowmen from being the be all end all class, the bow weapon type has been slightly nerfed by halving movement speed while the bow is drawn. This can be mitigated by wearing silver armor, or if you don't like it at all, you can remove it by setting baseBowDrawMoveSpeeed to 1 in the balance.json file.

There seems to be an incompatibility with ValheimLibOpenDatabasePatch.dll. Unfortunately, since OpenDatabase is discontinued, I can't fix this. However, you can adjust all armor values and recipes in the provided balance.json, so it's probably not needed.
TripleBronze also appears to be incompatible.
EpicLoot IS compatible, but you will lose your enchantments when you reforge an armor set.

Future Plans

Embers of Surtr -
Flametal Weapons
Flametal Armor set for each class

Known Issues
You will appear naked on the character selection screen


Recommended Mods
These mods compliment Terraheim by adding new weapons and rebalancing mechanics.
Unique Weapons by v801
Combat Overhaul by leseryk (*This is the inspiration for the weapon draw speed effect.*)
Better Archery by Elfking23