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Config files for Creature level and loot control, Spawn that, Drop that, Epic Loot and Terraheim which can be used separately but were made to be used together.

Permissions and credits
Those config files are still in beta and only tested by myself, so things might seem over/underpowered
None of these changes are ment to be set in stone, change what you don't like and add things yourself, but give me feedback on what to change for a good default setting

All the why and more detail can be found inside of every config file

sometimes with examples and how to change things


  1. Choose your config pack
  2. Download the required mod and its dependencies and install it.
  3. Start the game to generate all nessecary configs for the specific mod.
  4. Leave the game.
  5. Backup your config and plugins files.
  6. Extract the chosen config pack into your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx folder and overwrite if asked.
  7. Start the game and stay alive!


  1. Creature level and loot control contains the configs to make a more chellenging but rewarding experience when grouping up with your buddy, instead of monsters getting tougher with more players they now are static in difficulty, the only thing that makes them tougher are stars (up to 5 for both creatures and bosses).
  2. Spawn That alters some original spawners to make meadows more chill compared to the rest of the world, adds more difficult Dungeons and adds creatures to the undeveloped areas
  3. Drop That altes loottables for many tough creatures to make them worthwhile killing, aswell as bosses and some misc like infusion specific drops.
  4. EpicLoot loottable has been altered to fit the model of low star creatures droping less magic items but bosses alot more.
  5. Terraheim reforging costs have been altered aswell as some dmg balancing

Creature level and loot controle


  1. Multiplayer scaling has been removed in favor of increased base health (to 200%) and dmg (to 110%) (feels like 2.5 player scaling at all times), which means venturing alone will be dangerous but taking a buddy with you suddenly makes it easier instead of scaling even higher. Grouping up is gonna be worth it, especialy against bosses.
  2. Increased Base health/dmg, lowered dmg per star.
  3. Bosses get 75%more HP and 10% more dmg per star and all star level have same chance to spawn.
  4. No World sector (can be manualy added if you like it)
  5. Camps/dungeons respawn every 10 days and so do items inside (kinda in opposite of the static world idea, but i like the setting alot)


  1. Contains changes for star chanes per biom for each world level, biom Difficulty stays the same no matter when you visit it
  2. Specific infusion chances for each biom to give each a Theme
  3. Specific Creature changes like serpents scale less per star, else they eat up your karve to often

Spawn That


  1. Removed most Greydwarf/Shamans/Brutes aswell as draugr, skeletons and fuling spawns in meadows during night, even after killing bosses
  2.  Adds Infusions for certain creatures
  3.  Greylings even got some love.


  1. Adds Poison Sklingtons, Ghosts, Wraiths, Trolls and rare Elder spawn to Mistlands, all with spirit infusion and regenerating effect.


  1. Adds Draugr Elites, Hatchlings, Wolfs, Lox and rare moder spawn to Deep North, all with frost infusion and armored effect.


  1. Adds Skeletingtons, Fenring, Stonegolems, Goblin Shamans and rare Yagluth spawn to Ash Lands, all with fire infusion and aggressive effect.

spawn_that.local_spawners.OGLocalSpawns.cfg (New)

  1. Adds Infusions for certain creatures

spawn_that.local_spawners.Dungeons.cfg (New)
  1. Alters burial chambers and sunken crypts to be baseline more difficult than the surrounding area and increase in difficulty for each tier ( this includes mobs infront of the dungeons but not creatures that spawn from Bonepiles and Bodypiles)

Drop That


  1. Trophy chance increased for certain creatures that are thougher to kill now
  2. Hides and meat drop rate have been altered
  3. Trolls drop more gold since they have so much life
  4. Fuling brutes can drop totems for the same reason as Trolls

  1. Tamed creatures drop more of what they already droped.
  2. Deer, boar and wolfs drop more loot when in misty,rainy or Snowstorm weather
  3. Draugr and Draugr_elites can drop chains
  4. golems drop silver ore
  5. Greylins rarely drop hoes and cultivators, more often during night


  1. Extra boss drops to make killing them more worth it, like raw meat/Hides for EIkthyr and chains/guck for Bonemass

drop_that.supplemental.Infusions.cfg (will do nothing without cllc)

  1. Dropchance for freezegland, surtlingcore, hard antler, obsidian and ooze for the respective infusion


  1. Mobs in Mistlands should drop more stuff of what they already drop
  2. Poison skelingtons drop guck


  1. Mobs in DeepNorth should drop more stuff of what they already drop


  1. Added Flame metal ore and obsidian to the drop table in Ash lands

Epic Loot


  1. Removed gambling for only coins, needs Iron and Gold bounty tokens now
  2. increased reward for high health creatures and group bounties.


  1. Removed Reagent
  2. Weapons and armour disenchant in the same thing and use the same for enchanting
  3. Cost for enchanting has been reduced


TL:DR Normal monsters drop fewer magic items, bosses drop more/higher in rarity per star. Rarities and drops have been  gated to zones, Terraheim weapons added but not reforged armour

  1. Drop chances and rarety steadily increase for every new Biom.
  2. Meadows drop little to nothing, craft your stuff or find some in chests, Black forest drops more green than blues, Swamp drops more blues than epic, mountain drop more epic than blue, Plains drop mostly epics, some exceptions are Trolls, Stone golems and Fuling Brutes which drop alot more often and better in rarity
  3. Pickaxes and tools have been removed from loot table
  4. Terraheim Weapons but not Armour included in droptable



TL:DR New phys effect only for 2hander. Swords and Clubs are now Tank weapons.Durability effect changes, Health, armor and movement speed increased, loads of misc stuff

  1. Most changes have been made to compliment Terraheim armour sets and Runic Power/Valheim Legends class mods
  2. Added a new ModifyPhysicalDamage effect only for 2 handers.
  3. Tank weapons as Swords and Clubs(might change to something else) roll fewer dps but more deffensive mods.
  4. Resistance, both flat and %, are split, fire can't roll on frost and vice versa, poison can't roll on lightning and vice versa.
  5. By increasing some stats per rarity it will feel alot better finding new rarity gear.



  1. All requirements for Wood have been replaced by either Core wood or Fine wood and more streamlined, atgeir 20, battleaxes/Axehammer 15, Greatswords/spears 10.
  2. Iron dagger damage is now 15/15 and requires silver tier mats.
  3. Animation speeds have been altered


  1. Utility items requirements reduced to make them accessible earlier on
  2. Reforge is more expensive, left upgrading in quality alone

But i play solo and not on servers / my group of friends is bigger than 2.5 people

The overall difficulty can easely be changed via Cllc, change base healt/dmg or health/dmg per star  to your liking and you still get the whole experience but scaled to 1 player or increase it to have more of a challenge when running in groups

Future plans

  1. Balance existing configs
  2. Add more funny stuff

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Alternative Spawn That config i like
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tykea for creating CLLC
ASharpPen123 for creating Spawn That and Drop That
randyknapp for creating Epic Loot
DasSauerkraut for creating Terraheim

Special Thanks

Everyone mentioned in the Credits, they answered many questions i had while creating those configs.