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About this mod

Adds many features and changes to bow gameplay. Includes a new quiver system, retrievable arrows, better aim, and realistic arrow physics.

Permissions and credits

WARNING! Don't forget to read the compatibility section and make a backup before you go.

>>-->     CORE FEATURES                                        <--<<

  • Quiver (Beta)
  • Retrievable arrows
  • Zooming while drawing the bow
  • Aim improvements
  • Arrow physics improvements

>>-->     QUIVER                                                      <--<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • Currently, the mod has 1 quiver type. That quiver type is the leather quiver which has a special model for itself. 
  • The leather quiver can be crafted with 20 leather scraps, 10 deer hides, and 10 troll hides.
  • Equipping the leather quiver gives 3 extra arrow slots to the player and arrows can be changed with hotkeys (default alt + 1,2,3).

>>-->     BOW ZOOM                                               <--<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • You can zoom in by holding the "Right Mouse Button" (default) while drawing the bow.
  • or, you can enable "Bow Auto Zoom" if you want to zoom automatically while bow drawing. (Disabled by default)
  • Added configurable bow drawing cancel key. The default is "E".
  • When the bow drawing release, if you are still holding the zoom key, you can stay in zoom for x seconds. (default is 1 sec, configurable)
  • Added breath-in and out effects for zooming.

>>-->     RETRIEVABLE ARROWS                         <--<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • You can retrieve your arrows back! but of course, with a chance. You can change the chances and the arrow types in the config file.
  • Pick up the arrows with the interact key.

  • Wooden arrows have a 20% chance to drop a wooden arrow after hit.
  • Flint arrows have a 30% chance to drop a flint arrow after hit.
  • Bronze arrows have a 50% chance to drop a bronze arrow after hit.
  • Iron arrows have a 70% chance to drop an iron arrow after hit.
  • Obsidian arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.
  • Needle arrows have a 10% chance to drop a needle arrow after hit because of the logic of bees.
  • Fire arrows have a 0% chance to drop anything after hit. It got fired.
  • Poison arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.
  • Silver arrows have a 50% chance to drop a silver arrow after hit.
  • Frost arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.

>>-->     ARCHER IMPROVEMENTS                     <--<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • Now, you can use your crosshair properly. Arrows now go your crosshair, not under of it. And, of course, has a similar gravity arc as vanilla.
  • Arrow gravity and velocity adjusted for more realistic physics. (Still testing out for the perfect result.)
  • Added wooden arrow, elemental arrows to the crafting menu. You can change as you want in "BetterArcheryRecipes.json".
  • You can now see your sneak damage on the top left. Just like in Skyrim!
  • You can enable/disable crosshair.
  • Movement speed reduction while bow drawing. (configurable)

>>-->     COMPATIBILITY                                        <--<<

The following mods are compatible:

The following mods are compatible unless:
 You must disable the quiver or Valheim Plus' inventory, thanks to Krysez
You just need to change the quiver location in the config to at least {"x":3.0, "y":-167.0} for fixing visibility. You must disable the quiver.

The following mods are not compatible:
  • -

>>-->     INSTALLATION                                        <--<<

  • If you didn't install BepInEx yet, you can check out this link.
  • Drop the mod's "BetterArchery" folder in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

  • First game launch after installing the mod will create a config file located in "Valheim\BepInEx\config" named "ishid4.mods.betterarchery.cfg".
  • Also, you can change recipes by editing the .json file which should be located in "Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\BetterArchery" named "BetterArcheryRecipes.json".

>>-->     TODO                                        <--<<

  • Fix conflict issues.
  • Making the game's archery similar to Skyrim!
  • Quiver back attachment.
  • New quiver types.
  • New arrow types.
  • Arrow damage overhaul.
  • Bow drawing while sneaking.

>>-->     DONATION                               <--<<

  • You don't have to pay anything to use this mod. If you want to donate anyway, I would be really appreciated it.

  • Binance BTC Address: 
  • Binance ETH/USDT Address (ERC20): 

>>-->     CREDITS & THANKS                               <--<<