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Forsaken adds 12 new boss and non-boss themed weapons for you to unlock and craft!

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Unique Weapons is now named Forsaken!

 adds 12 new boss and non-boss themed weapons for you to unlock and craft! Most have modified movesets and some even have extra effects.  I'm currently in the process of creating lots more weapons and armor so expect to see updates often. 
This is a new work in progress but please feel free to leave feedback!

The intention of this mod is to add unique/more powerful weapons and armor that feel like they fit into the vanilla game visually.  Since I find the vanilla difficulty and loot to be boring, I created this mod to go along with others with increased difficulty like CLLC and with improved loot via EpicLoot because that's how I personally enjoy the game.

Forsaken wiki - For item info and stats.

On Weapon Upgrades:
Currently there are no upgrades available for any weapon. Rank 1 versions of Forsaken weapons have mat requirements and stats that are
balanced around max upgraded end tier vanilla weapons.  There are plans for weapon upgrades that are currently being worked on! =]

On Weapon Balance:

A full balance pass wil be made once more weapons are finished and added.

This mod requires:


If you are manually installing, make sure all the mod files are inside a folder like this:

BepInEx/plugins/Forsaken/**MOD FILES HERE**

- If you had my mod when it was called Unique Weapons you can remove it and replace with Forsaken.
- If you had my original Static Cleaver mod please remove it completely, it will cause errors with this mod.
- Works great with EpicLoot! Highly recommened =]
- Better Archery: See Known Issues.

Known issues:
- Sound is too loud/not being controled by the 'Effect Volume'.  Possible workaround for this is adjusting sound by the 'Volume' slider instead.
- If you run into issues not being able to discover recipes even when you have all the mats, one user has reported that Better Archerys quiver feature was preventing the recipe from being learned.  I'm looking for more examples of this issue so please lmk if you experience something similar. :)

- Needs lots of testing + Weapons still need balance pass and tweaks.

Forsaken (formerly Unique Weapons) is a one slug show but it wouldn't be possible without the amazing creators of Valheim, all the great mod libraries, valheim modding disc (the cool one lmao), my friends who let me ramble ideas at them at 4am, magic plants and ripper crustmetal.

Special shoutout to my friend Ato who has contributed and influcenced design ideas in this mod!! =]

Also special thanks to everyone who has downloaded and given feedback!! If you liked my mod all I ask is if you leave a 'fuck yeah' in the comments or if that's not your style I will accept a 'heck'.

Extra Special:
To all you 'modpack' people out there, credit all the damn mods in your pack or perish to the eternal swamp biome.

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