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An ever-expanding list of new enemies to enrich the game experience with fresh challenges.

Permissions and credits

offers not only new enemies to include in your games, but also the necessary settings for them to appear in your world and new Raids and Events associated with these enemies.

All enemies created for Monsternomicon have been balanced and tested to bring them as close as possible to the original Valheim experience, but at the same time creating new and unique mechanics to surprise and challenge new and veteran players.

At the moment, Monsternomicon has seven new enemies and a secret boss for the AshLands biome, eight new enemies,one ally and two secret bosses for the DeepNorth biome, eight new enemies and a secret boss for the Mistlands biome, two new enemies for the Ocean biome and a new enemy and a secret boss assigned to world events. My desire is to continue expanding Monsternomicon with new challenges for these and other biomes.

Mistlands: you are not welcome in this land of shadows and cobwebs

To make sure there are no issues, it is necessary to remove the old Monsternomicon folder from your BepInEx/config/ folder before installing this update.

With this update we complete the goal started a little more than a month ago, to provide new monsters, with unique mechanics and widely balanced and tested attacks, to the three incomplete biomes. I thank you for all your suggestions, help and creative ideas... Monsternomicon is not just my work, it is the work of all of you.

I have decided to include as a new requirement the MonsterLabZ (an awesome work by DefendYourBase, thank you!) to provide the Mistlands with something you all asked for, huge and horrible killer spiders! But they won't be the only enemies you will find in this biome, so I encourage you to discover all those new secrets you can find in the Mistlands. The difficulty level of this area is slightly more challenging than the prairie, but less deadly than the DeepNorth or the Ashlands. As always, I encourage you to visit the forum over the next few days to see what's new.

I hope you enjoy Monsternomicon!

  • Battle five new enemies and a new mini-boss in the Mistlands.
From the colossal guardians of these forgotten forests to the eight-legged menace of the GloonWeaver Swarm, each new enemy is a unique challenge to discover in itself. And don't forget the Svartálfar, it will now be possible to fight the Dark Elves in their own home.

  • New mechanics, events and materials.
The forest itself will not hesitate to kill you if it gets the chance. Tree roots will twist with murderous intent in your presence, spiders will fall from high branches when you least expect it... New terrifying events await you in these dark lands, as well as a new resource, the blue mushrooms!

  • Face two new enemies and 2 new mini-bosses.
The number of enemies and secret bosses has been expanded for both the Ashlands and the DeepNorth, as well as the number of custom textures. Thanks to the possibilities of MonsterLabZ the skeleton-based enemies have been greatly improved with new animations.

  • Unpleasant surprises after the death of enemies.
Putrid outbursts from Swollen Bodies, fiery explosions from Elder Surlings, Blazing Bones after the death of Burned Bones... The latest Drop That update will allow you to further expand the behaviour of Monsternomicon monsters after their death.


Moonlit Warden

"As ancient as the very dark forest they protect, these colossal creatures warily guard every little corner of what they consider their sanctuary... Sadly, they consider YOU a threat to their sanctuary."

Moonlit Moth

"These harmless winged creatures scurry through the twisted branches of the trees, dodging the sticky webs as they illuminate the darkness of the Mistlands with their purple wake."


"With their divinity ripped away and dragged into the Mistlands of Valheim, the dark elves are mere pale shadows of their former selves... shadows
hungry for vengeance and driven by their grief."

Duskseeker Svartálfr

"Able to command at will the very Darkness itself, it is not surprising that they have learned to twist the roots of the World to guide their people to the path of their redemption... starting with those on the Mistlands."

Inexorable Svartálfr

"Considered the personal guard of the Mourning Queen itself, It is said that the sound of their heavy hammers makes the Fulings tremble, whether true or false, their name certainly pays tribute to these unstoppable creatures."

Sentinel GloomWeaver

"The presence of the swarm watchers is usually only noticeable when their eight legs are at your back, unfortunately it is usually too late by then."

Suffocating GloomWeaver

"Not all GloomWeaver weave their huge webs among the giant trees of the Mistlands, some simply prefer to drown their prey with the venomous poison."

BroodMother GloomWeaver and Brood

"Don't be fooled if you see one of the swarm mothers alone, her dozens of eight-legged offspring are usually close, very close... and all of them are hungry."

Silver Golem

"The ancient magic hidden in the coveted silver has gifted the stone with life, turning these colossi of rock and metal into the enforcement arm of DeepNorth itself."

Boreal Spirit

"Used by the Dvergar of as guiding beacons in the cold, dark nights, the temperament of these elusive spirits varies as much as the harsh weather in the DeepNorth."

Frozen Corpse

"Even death resists standing still in the icy north, making the gnawed bones of the fallen and the cold metal of rusted weapons creak with the same violence as the blisters."

Icebreaker Lox and Calf

"These huge beasts roam the frozen moors of the DeepNorth on an eternal pilgrimage. Their snow-coloured fur and larger size set them far apart from their Plains kin."


"The story of how the Dvergar arrived in the lands of Valheim is unknown, and like Haldor the trader, they are sparing with words although fortunately they are willing to help a lost traveler on his journey."

Pale-coat Fenring

"Their enormous size and strength make even their mountain littermates pale, while the white fur of these ruthless hunters camouflage them in the wintry snowy barren wastelands."

Frost-Brood Serpent

"Giant Frost Serpent are in the habit of spawning on the icy shores of the north. Their offspring may not be as dangerous as an adult Serpent, but they can end up being a tough challenge if enough of them gather."


"If the gods themselves have trouble defeating these colossal beings...what can a mere mortal do against them?"

Surtling and Elder Surtling

"Malicious spirits that burn with the fire of wrath. The AshLands have become the perfect habitat for these treacherous beings, who warily guard those fallen gifts from the heavens."

Ash-eater Neck and Tadpole

"The harsh conditions of the AshLands have changed these territorial creatures into their grotesque forms. The little tadpoles may not become a threat, but these had better not alert their parents..."


"Considered a nuisance pest rather than a real threat, these nasty insects fly over the scorched ash-covered plains looking for new victims to turn into breeding nests."

Burned Bones

"Already more coal than bone, these forgotten fallen warriors wander aimlessly through the desolate hills covered in soot and fire, leaving a furrow in the ash of the ground with their worn weapons."

Swollen Body

"The shores of the Ashlands are littered with shipwrecks and corpses that the Cinderwings use to create their hives - unfortunately, some of these fetid corpses refuse to just lie on the sand."

Fire-breathing Drake

"Natural predators, these huge winged beasts fly over the tortured landscape of the AshLands searching for new treasures with greedy, hungry eyes."

Storm-herald Wyvern

"Lightning is not the only thing that precedes thunder, but also this hideous hunter that hides in the blackness of storms and illuminates the dark sky with his breath laden with lightning and death."

Drowned Soul

"Not only do fish and treasure lie waiting to be discovered in the ocean depths, but also the vengeful souls of those who fed the ocean itself with their lives, waiting patiently to drag the unwary to their sea graves." 

Storm-devourer Vargr

"Their howls are often mistaken for thunder in the rain, a mistake not often repeated by those few who survive the onslaught of this deadly pack."

- Install the following required mods first:

RRR Monsters

RRR Non-Player Characters

Spawn That

Custom Raids


- Download the last version of this mod and extract the zip file.

- Copy and paste the content in your BepInEx/config/ folder.

Recommended Mods

Although it is not strictly necessary I strongly recommend downloading the following mods to enhance your gaming experience:

Drop That

Initially created as a tool for controlling and managing rewards dropped by enemies, this mod created by ASharpPen123 can be used in incredibly creative ways... such as making new unpleasant situations after the death of certain enemies.

A custom configuration for Monsternomicon is available for download in the File section.

Forgotten Biomes

The AshLands and the DeepNorth may look empty at the moment but with iAlree's mod you can expand theses biomes (and even others) with landscape decorations, unique points of interest and even new status effects that will make your visit to theses biomes a real challenge.

A custom configuration for Monsternomicon is available for download in the File section.

Terraheim - Weapons Tools and Armor

And what would be the point of visiting the AshLands if there is no reward? Luckily DasSauerkraut has created a whole new set of blazingly deadly weapons to combat all these new enemies using the resources found in this desolate wasteland.

I want to thank neurodr0me, ASharpPen123 and DefendYourBase, creators of the mods requiered for Monsternomicon. Without your work and effort, Monsternomicon would never have been possible. Thank you very much!